Gemma Collins reveals she had a miscarriage during lockdown  

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Gemma Collins reveals she had a miscarriage during lockdown  

Gemma Collins has revealed she suffered a miscarriage during lockdown.Speaking on Thursday's Loose Women about her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

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Gemma Collins has revealed she suffered a miscarriage during lockdown.

Speaking on Thursday’s Loose Women about her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Gemma explained she didn’t realise she was in the midst of a miscarriage and thought she was having a heavy period.

The TOWIE star, 39, has previously opened up on her first miscarriage in 2012, and told the Loose Women she doesn’t want motherhood ‘robbed’ from her.

Sad news: Gemma Collins has revealed she suffered a miscarriage during lockdown

Sad news: Gemma Collins has revealed she suffered a miscarriage during lockdown

Gemma, who split from on/off boyfriend James Argent last month, told the ITV show: ‘It was really difficult for me in isolation because, as you know, with my condition of PCOS, it’s not easy to fall pregnant and I did suffer a miscarriage which was really sad during the lockdown period.’

She added: ‘I have suffered with it for the last 10 years. I started to gain weight when I was 28, my periods were all over the place. I’ve suffered miscarriages.

‘I did go through a very sad miscarriage in lockdown. Due to PCOS I just thought that I was having an unusually heavy period. I actually left it 10 days.’  

‘I can remember thinking the month before, “Ooh, my boobs seem really perky!” It’s been no secret recently that I’ve found my boobs so heavy in my life, I’m turning 40 this year, I will not be taking them into the next decade with me.’

‘So, I thought, “Oh, maybe I won’t have the operation, I’ve been working out, maybe they’re lifting up a bit.” Then 3 or 4 days into a heavy period really realising it’s not like a usual period… but thinking there’s been a lot going on lately, maybe my body’s been a bit stressed.’

She explained it was her sister-in-law who advised her to seek medical attention, continuing: ‘It went on for 10 days between 9am and midday, I was getting through 10 super sanity towels. Then it was my sister-in-law, not to be graphic, but I had to show her.’

‘I said, “I don’t think this is normal”. I rang my doctor and he said, “You need to go straight to the hospital”. It was very sad. But it does make me realise that, potentially there is hope there for me for the future.’

Gemma went on to explain that she’s since had a series of checks and revealed her recent weight loss was due to doctors telling her she may be able to conceive naturally if she dropped some weight.

‘I went and saw a top specialist. I have had myself checked and he has actually told me – this is why I went on a massive weight loss journey this year.’

‘I’ve been doing it slowly, it’s not been a massive fast, rapid thing, I want it to stay off this time – he said to me, “You’ve got no cysts on your ovaries anymore, that’s cleared up. So, we’re winning. You do suffer from the syndrome so you do get the symptoms that go with it. But your cervix and everything is perfect for when you’re ready. However, you need to get your weight down, you need to get at least another two stone off.'”‘

‘And when it comes to it they might be able to give me something called Clomid which could potentially speed the process up. So hopefully George Clooney will be available around that time.’

Gemma confessed: ‘I pray every night that everything’s going to work out for me. I’ve been quite lucky with my career but my personal life is heart-breaking. Having the miscarriage with someone you love very much was very heart-breaking.’

Asked if she’d use a sperm bank she said: ‘My lovely gay besties have all put themselves up for the job. But yeah, there’s that option. You know I’ve got my nephews and I treat them like my own.’

‘But do you know what, if I had to go down that route I will do it. I’ve got no qualms in that. I’m very open and honest. I will have a baby and I do want a baby. And also, every mother will know this, I want to feel motherhood… I’ve not had the physical experience of being a full time mum. I don’t want that robbed from me in my life, that would be a travesty.’

‘There’s so many good options out there, like adoption. Madonna’s done it, Angelina Jolie, The GC could be next. I do hold onto that dream that I will be able to conceive naturally and be the mum and give all the love I’ve got. That’s really the only bad thing in my life [that I haven’t had that].’

Gemma said she’d swap her fame for motherhood: ‘Absolutely, if I could trade places with it tomorrow, I would.’

Of turning 40, Gemma said: ‘I do feel that I’m still a spring chicken and I think the 40s for me, I’ve grown up a lot, I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve had a lot of life experiences that have given me a wealth of knowledge now.

‘My party… we’re in August, we’ve already started early plans. I’m going into my 40s with a bang! It’s not going to be some quiet shindig. This is going to be ‘move over J-Lo, there’s going to be a big party in town’. I’m not sad about it, I’m embracing my 40s.’