From unicorns to aliens and the Loch Ness Monster, how many Brits really believe bizarre myths


ALMOST one in 20 people now believe the world is flat, according to a YouGov poll, but it is not just them who hold wacky views – thousands have ideas that many of us would consider, well, bizarre.

Almost one in five Brits think the Loch Ness Monster is real and half that many wouldn’t be utterly ­surprised to see a yeti while out mountaineering.

James Buckley believes the Earth is actually shaped like a'bowl of porridge'

James Buckley believes the Earth is actually shaped like a ‘bowl of porridge’[/caption]

Overwhelming evidence points against the Earth being flat
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Graeme Culliford looks at how many of our fellow countrymen believe in . . .

ALIENS: Almost two thirds of Brits — 64 per cent — are convinced we are not alone in the universe and that the truth about alien life is out there . . . somewhere.

A famous hoax photo of the Loch Ness Monster dating back to 1934
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THE LOCH NESS MONSTER: One in four Scots believe in Nessie though the rest of us are more sceptical — just one in six might expect to see her swimming around.

GHOSTS: Spookily, three in five claim to have seen a ghost at some point in their lives, while one in three claim to have spent time in a haunted house.

More than half of us claim to have seen ghosts
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PSYCHIC:  I can see in my crystal ball that more than a quarter of us believe people have psychic powers.

YETI: Keep that ice axe handy — ten per cent of us believe abominable snowmen lurk in the Himalayas.

GOD: Believers might want to say a prayer, as only half as many people think there is a God as reckon there are aliens up there.

Come on now… unicorns?
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UNICORNS: Six per cent of people are having a ’mare as they believe these mythical horses actually exist.

LUCK: It would be nice if 13 per cent of people were superstitious but the true figure is nearer 20 per cent.

Touch wood you’ve got tonight’s Lotto jackpot sorted — three in four people believe in lucky numbers, while two in five people optimistically cross their fingers to bring good fortune.

CROP CIRCLES: We’ve harvested opinions and only ten per cent think crop circles are the work of extraterrestrial forces.

Are crop circles the work of aliens?
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HOROSCOPES: Almost a quarter of us — presumably not many sceptical Geminis — read their horoscopes regularly. Women are twice as likely to do so as men.

TELEPATHY: A total of 41 per cent of people believe in the ability to communicate using just the power of your mind. But you knew I was going to say that.

SOULS: Heartless though it may sound, 38 per cent of us don’t believe in souls. Guess most of those are single as they won’t have met their soulmates.

Various aspects related to religion elicit a mixed response
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DESTINY: Almost two-thirds of us believe in fate and think that our lives are mapped out in advance.

HEAVEN AND HELL: This one is closer than the Brexit referendum, with 51 per cent thinking they will leave for elsewhere, and 49 per cent remaining on Earth.

PREMONITIONS: Around 58 per cent believe a person can sense something before it happens.

So don’t expect them to be in any accidents.

REINCARNATION: Just 23 per cent now believe in reincarnation and the idea that we can come back as someone or something else.

WITCHES AND WIZARDS: Despite the success of Harry Potter, most of us are Muggles through and through, with just 13 per cent believing witches and wizards are casting spells among us.

GUARDIAN ANGELS: Two in five have someone watching over them.

The rest of us had better look out.


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