Former Justice Secretary David Gauke has been driven mad by bitterness and his hatred for Boris


IT is painful to see former statesmen reduced to bitter has-beens driven by childish petulance.

Just weeks ago David Gauke was Justice Secretary voting for Theresa May’s deal.

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Former Justice Secretary David Gauke is urging voters to back Lib-Dem and is standing against the Tory candidate in his old seat[/caption]

Now, axed by Boris Johnson, he urges voters to back the Lib-Dems and will himself fight the Conservative candidate in his old seat solely to stop Boris getting a majority vital to secure Brexit.

Gauke must know the only alternative: A Marxist Government taking a blowtorch to our democracy — kept in power by the Liberals and SNP who, whatever they are telling voters now, will demand a price which Corbyn will willingly pay.

Remainer Gauke was driven mad by Boris and Brexit. How did such lightweights ever reach Cabinet level?

Labour farce

ANOTHER triumphant day for Labour.

A heckler correctly brands Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser. A fact Corbyn cunningly confirms by regretting that IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wasn’t arrested before he could blow himself up.


Jeremy Corbyn has been blasted for saying that ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi should have been arrested while wearing a suicide belt[/caption]

Labour’s health spokesman denies they would impose a crippling four-day week on the NHS, only to be humiliatingly corrected by the shadow chancellor.

The party’s conference policy of “free movement” for all-comers is forecast to almost quadruple net annual migration to a jaw-dropping 840,000.

An ex-Labour minister tells voters to back Boris. And the Communist Party stands down its candidates because its policies are no different from Labour’s.

Every single non-Tory vote propels these mad extremists towards power.

Poison dwarves

LORD Bramall was a military giant whose final years were wrecked by moronic cops and an odious failure of a politician.

A D-Day hero who rose to head our Armed Forces, only to be dragged through the muck by a paedophile’s lies stirred up by Labour’s Tom Watson.


Lord Bramall was a D-Day hero whose final years were wrecked by moronic cops, a fantasist and Labour’s Tom Watson[/caption]

Bernard Hogan-Howe was the useless police chief in charge.

And what did Watson achieve in politics? He failed to oust Corbyn, then fled from his voters.

Lord Bramall reached the very top on merit — before these pygmies trashed him and got away with it. It is sickening.

Breathe easy

THE hysteria over vaping’s perils is absurd.

In an ideal world no one would vape or smoke. But the world isn’t ideal and cigarettes are vastly more dangerous.


Banning vaping would be mad given its huge ­success in getting smokers to quit[/caption]

It would be mad to follow other countries and ban vaping, given its huge ­success in getting smokers to quit.

Yes, there are isolated scares and even deaths in the US where the market — unlike ours — is almost unregulated. But smoking kills 20 A DAY in the UK.

Vaping saves lives. End the backlash.

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