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Former alcoholic who hid in baggy clothes shaves 19 years off her age with incredible transformation on 10 Years Younger


A RECOVERING alcoholic who hid away in baggy clothes shaved 19 years off her age with an incredible transformation on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days. 

Paulette, a marketing manager, has been sober for six years, but fears the years of drinking and smoking have taken a toll on her skin. 

Channel 5

Paulettte, a marketing manager, appeared on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days[/caption]

The mum credits AA with helping her rebuild her life, but says the stigma of alcoholism has knocked her confidence. 

Paulette, who’s 47, appeared on Channel 5’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days, saying it was finally time “to match on the outside what I feel on the inside.”

Chatting with presenter Cherry Healy, she said: “I had everything that I could have wanted and I still became an alcoholic.

“My self esteem took a massive blow, I feel old, I look tired all the time. It’s definitely aged me.”

Channel 5

Some members of the public thought she was 58, but they thought she looked 39 by the end[/caption]

The turning point for Paulette was when her daughter had to “remove herself from the situation”.

The mum said: “What it made me do was take a look at myself.

“AA has saved my life.” 

Now hiding away in baggy, grey, clothes, the public gave Paulette an average age of 51, with some people thinking she looked as old as 58. 

Channel 5

Paulette is a recovering alcoholic who says her teeth were severely damaged [/caption]

By-passers thought her glasses were too big, her hair looked coarse, and her clothes were ill-fitting. 

but in just 10 days Cherry aims to change all that – starting with Paulette’s skin. 

She gets a facial peel and Botox to remove lines in her forehead, which Paulette thinks make her look as if she’s frowning. 

Next on the list is teeth, with Paulette admitting the years of smoking and drinking haven’t done her any favours.

Channel 5

She credited AA for saving her life and has been sober for six years[/caption]

Paulette’s gnashers are now stained and eroded, as she admits she’s “put my body through a lot of damage.” 

She says: “Smoking is the last hurdle in the battle. My teeth have always been so important to me.

“I need to change I need to do something about my smoking.”

After getting a set of veneers, for the first time in years she feels confident enough to smile, saying it “feels like Christmas.” 

Channel 5

Cherry Healy taught Paulette how to walk in heels and feel sexy again[/caption]

She adds: “I can’t stop looking in the mirror. I’m gobsmacked 

“It’s already changed how I feel about myself.”

Cherry also wants to tackle Paulette’s confidence, and takes her to class to teach her how to strut her stuff in high heels. 

Paulette says: “I just want to feel like a nice sexy woman, I want to walk down the road and not care if anyone’s looking at me.

Channel 5

The mum admitted she hid away in drab, baggy clothes and avoided colour[/caption]

“For me, it is about being enough.”

Next on the list is fashion, with the mum admitting she hides away in drab clothes. 

She says: “My fashion sense is, ‘is it comfortable, is it practicable’.

Channel 5

She said she felt invisible before but sexy now, after rediscovering her confidence[/caption]

“The reason why I don’t wear bright colours is because I don’t want to stand out. If you’re wearing a bright colour, you’re saying to somebody look at me.

“I just want to feel sexy, feminine, confident, without being like I’m trying too hard.”

After rediscovering her figure and showing her colours aren’t something to be afraid of, Paulette gets her hair and make-up done ready for her friends and family to see her transformation. 

Channel 5

Her family and friends were stunned by her incredible transformation [/caption]

Paulette can’t believe her eyes when she sees herself, saying: “I genuinely felt invisible, do I feel invisible now? Hell no.

“I feel amazing.”

The public give her new age as 39 – a whopping 19 years younger than the highest previous age of 58. 

10 Years Younger In 10 Days, airs on Thursday 26 March on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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