Forget his age, Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to be PM because he prizes the interests of Britain’s enemies above our own


IT is totally false – a smear, in fact – to suggest old age has made 70-year-old ­Jeremy Corbyn unfit to be our next Prime Minister.

Advancing years have certainly not enfeebled his grasp of politics, economics or international affairs, even if he does need to be driven home from the Commons for an afternoon nap.

Brighty – The Sun

Jeremy Corbyn has never been fit for PM as he’s always seen Britain’s enemies as his friends – and now it seems there’s only one person who can stop him from entering No10[/caption]

The fact is Corbyn was never fit to be PM, even before he entered Parliament half a century ago as a Che Guevara lookalike.

Indeed, he is unfit for office of any kind, not because of failing memory, a saggy eye muscle or a rumoured mini-stroke.

He is unsuited because he regards all Britain’s enemies as his friends and prizes the IRA, Hamas and even Putin’s Kremlin above the interests of the country he aspires to lead.

Even he had to admit he was unfit for purpose when put up, Buggins-style, for the Labour leadership.

He told supporters: “You’d better make f***ing sure I don’t win.”


Yet here he is, thanks to Theresa May’s hideous Brexit shambles, hovering over No10 like a bad smell.

It seems only one person can stop him.

Which begs another question: Is Boris Johnson any more fit to be Prime Minister than Jeremy Corbyn?

Millions of fans, including some once-savage critics, think he has a magic wand that can save the Tories from electoral oblivion.

He has done it before, snatching Labour London from the jaws of “Red Ken” Livingstone and serving two triumphant terms as Mayor.

This time, though, he’s up against both Labour AND Nigel Farage’s barnstorming Brexit Party, most of them angry ex-Conservative voters.


As Boris keeps telling us, the Tory Party is facing a sudden- death play-off and he is the only scorer who can clinch a winning goal.

But as in his 2008 battle for London Mayor, he’s having a bit of a wobble.

His rock-hard, “do or die” promise to take Britain out of the EU on October 31 has gone soft at the edges.

Gavin Rodgers

Saying that old age has impacted Corbyn’s ability to be PM is a downright smear – he has always been unsuitable for the job[/caption]

Gavin Rodgers

He even admitted he wasn’t fit for purpose when put up for the Labour leadership, saying ‘you’d better make f***ing sure I don’t win’[/caption]

There might yet be “a deal”. We could end up with a version of Mrs May’s hideous Chequers stitch-up, with a few extra bells and whistles on the Northern Ireland backstop.

That won’t wash, Boris. Voters have been conned twice already. They won’t fall for another blatant fudge.

Worryingly, Boris has surrounded himself with Mrs May’s most loyal Cabinet supporters — ministers who connived, and failed, three times to get her botched deal through Parliament.

He is listening to staunch Remainers like Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

He is taking advice from Attorney General Geoffrey Cox and Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay who, for all their Brexit credentials, willingly dipped their hands in the Chequers blood. They each have a CV to protect.

Bearing in mind Boris’s pathological craving for popularity, allies are also alarmed by the sudden support of old cronies and arch-Remainers David Cameron and George Osborne.

None of them will tell him what he needs to hear: To save the Tories from the Farage sword, Britain must leave the EU as free traders.

We cannot sign up to any variety of customs union, single market or EU court.


Boris famously loves to be loved. He likes to have his cake and eat it. He hates making hard choices.

But this is the biggest decision of his life and he cannot fudge it.

Brussels’ greatest fear is Britain, the world’s fifth-largest economy, as a free-wheeling tax haven on its western shore.

It is, therefore, our deadliest negotiating weapon, and Boris needs to show his readiness to use it.

He has frequently hailed Singapore’s transformation from a small, poor nation to a small, low-tax, well-educated, rich one.

Against howls of protest, he backed Brexiteer tycoon Sir James Dyson’s decision to move his HQ there.

Boris likes to remind us he won Mayor of London against the odds. But it is worth remembering he only did so after almost running out of steam.

He needed to have his feet held to the fire with a blunt warning: “Let us down and we’ll cut your f***ing knees off.”

Someone should sit down and give him exactly the same message today.


But it seems Boris has had a wobble too, having let his rock-hard, ‘do or die’ promise to take Britain out of the EU on October 31 go soft at the edges[/caption]

Theresa Clay

“THE most striking aspect of the Tory leadership contest has been the articulate energy of all the candidates – including the no-hopers.

All are professional politicians whose job is to argue their case, sometimes without notes, and win over the hearts and minds of voters.

It is only striking because Theresa May ­possessed none of those skills.

Now we discover her Madame Tussauds waxwork has been given the heave-ho. Has anyone noticed they were never seen in the same place at the same time?”

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