FEC: Ross Perot Wrote Checks for Trump's Re-election


Two-time presidential candidate Ross Perot, just a few months before his death on Tuesday, wrote two checks out to support President Donald Trump’s primary and general re-election campaigns. 

According to the Federal Elections Commission, Perot on March 19 donated $2,800 each,  for the legal maximum donation, to the Trump campaign. 

Perot, who mounted third-party campaigns in 1992 and 1996, has been seen by many as a forerunner to Trump with several similarities between the two billionaires who wanted to be president, notes The Boston Globe. 

Both ran as populists for president, used cable news to build their brand, and spoke out about Mexico and opposed free trade. 

Trump in 2000 considered running for president through Perot’s Reform Party, before changing his mind. That year, Perot ended up drifting away from his party, choosing to endorse Republican candidate George W. Bush over the Reform Party candidate, Pat Buchanan. 

And Trump, rather than mounting an unsuccessful third-party bid, became president after running instead as a Republican. 

And while Trump has used Twitter to get his message across, Perot, back in his day, relied on television, including paying for air time so he could outline his economic plans, complete with his series of charts. 

Perot also coined a rallying phrase, “giant sucking sound,” to complain that good American jobs were being sent to Mexico through the North American Free Trade Agreement. Trump, meanwhile, railed against NAFTA and developed a trade deal, the USMCA, to replace the agreement between Mexico and Canada.

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