Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt in ‘pregnancy twist’ after sleeping with Cain Dingle


Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle will sleep with Kerry Wyatt in explosive scenes next week.

Cain will put a sledgehammer to any hopes of a reunion with cheating Moira Barton when he does the dirty with Kerry.

And it could get a whole lot worse as viewers are anticipating a shock pregnancy twist with the grandmother of Cain’s son.

Flirtatious Cain and Kerry share a charged moment of passion in the Woolpack, which leads them to hooking up.

Moira heads back to the farm to get things on track with her husband, but is left floored when she walks in on Kerry and Cain together.

Rather than feeling guilty, Cain actually enjoys seeing his wife so devastated, and it’s then they both realise their marriage is over for good.

Moira is floored when she sees Kerry in bed with Cain

Could Cain and Kerry be having a baby?


Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter to discuss the upcoming storyline – with some fearing the worst.

One fan said: “Kerry is probably gonna end up falling pregnant with cains baby”

“Cain and Kerry???? REALLY????,” added another.

A third said: “Really?! They’re putting Cain on the rebound. With Kerry. Why couldn’t they show how much strong power he’s got, for him to just get on with it and move on!!”

Cain doesn’t want anything to do with Moira

This comes after Moira made a desperate bid to win back her husband after being rumbled having an affair with Nate.

She arrives back at Butlers and tells Cain she wants to fight for their marriage despite her fling.

She ends up breaking down in tears as she explains what drove her to the sordid affair.

Moira wants to get things back on track

However, Cain isn’t moved at all by what she has to say, with her emotional reason for sleeping with someone else not working as an excuse in his eyes.

As he tries to look away from her, Moira grabs his face claiming she knows he still loves her.

She then kisses him and he doesn’t pull away, but quickly changes his mind and orders her to leave for good.

Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle attacks son Nate Robinson

Moira slams Cain, which makes his love for her harden to hate, and he storms out.

Nate tries to make amends by chatting to Belle, but furiosu Cain arrives and lays him out with a single punch.

After the run-in with Nate at the Dingles’ house he heads to The Woolpack to drown his sorrows, which is where he bumps into Kerry.

* Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.


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