Emmerdale fans ‘heartbroken’ as Lisa dies on her wedding day while new husband Zak makes her a cuppa


EMMERDALE fans were tonight left “heartbroken” as Lisa Dingle passed away, just moments after re-marrying her ex-husband Zak.

Earlier in the episode the Dingle family gathered to watch them wed and then joined them in the Woolpack for a proper knees-up.

Lisa Dingle passed away on Emmerdale tonight
Zak was left heartbroken at her death

But Tragedy struck when terminally ill Lisa popped home to get changed after the couple had been enjoying their wedding reception.

When she got home she sat down to “catch her breath” and never got up again.

Zak went home to see how she was getting on, and thought she had just dozed off on the couch and could be heard talking to her as he made them both a cuppa.

But after chatting to her for a while he realised that she was no longer breathing.

At first he didn’t realise she had passed away and was seen making them both a cuppa

The show ended with Zak crying with pain etched across his face.

This was all too much for viewers who took to Twitter to share their sympathy for poor Zak.

One tweeted: “#Emmerdale No No No. Lisa you’ve broken my heart”

Another said: “Such a sad ending to #Emmerdale, Lisa was the rock of the Dingles for so long and she’ll be such a loss to the community. Jane Cox has been such a servant to the show, will be missed.”


While this one was beside themselves: “Bawling my eyes at the exit of Lisa dingle.”

Actress Jane Cox, who has played Lisa for 23 years, recently confirmed she’s leaving the Dales and that her exit storyline will be permanent.

Her character Lisa broke the sad news to the rest of the Dingle clan that she’s suffering from a terminal heart condition, leaving them all devastated, but determined to make the most of the time they have left with her.

Jane previously confessed that she quit the soap that’s been part of her life for almost 25 years because of the gruelling hours now Emmerdale is six days a week.

Earlier in the episode it had been jubilation as the pair got re-married
Actress Jane Cox, who plays Lisa, recently confirmed her exit storyline would involve a permanent departure


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