Emmerdale fans convinced pregnant Chas and Paddy will have a baby girl and name her Lisa after gender reveal blunder


EMMERDALE fans are convinced pregnant Chas and Paddy will have a baby girl and name her Lisa after a gender reveal blunder tonight.

Paddy’s dad Bear can’t read and therefore could have made a mistake when he told the couple they’re having a boy after being asked to check their scan results.


Chas Dingle announces that she’s having a baby boy at Paddy Kirk’s 50th birthday bash[/caption]

Emmerdale’s Paddy allowed his dad Bear to read the results of their 20-week scan

And fans, who were left heart-broken earlier this year when much loved character Lisa Dingle died, immediately made the connection between Lisa’s death and the couple’s happy news after they announced it Paddy’s 50th birthday bash.

One person wrote on Twitter: “So Chaz will have a daughter named Lisa”

Another tweeted: “I was hoping #Paddy & #Chas were having another girl & call her #Lisa #Emmerdale”

And one more said: “Are Chas and Paddy having a baby boy or is there a twist coming.. ?”

Bear confesses that he can’t read and therefore probably got the gender wrong
Emmerdale Lisa Dingle
Lisa Dingle was killed off in Emmerdale with a terminal illness

From what we know so far, we can assume Chas and Paddy’s baby is due around October.

But the couple suffered heartbreak last after losing newborn daughter Grace who tragically died moments after birth.

But Chas passed her 20-week scan, when parents can find out the sex of their unborn baby if they want.

It was a challenging time for Chas as it was the 20-week scan which revealed that her first baby Grace had a condition called bilateral renal agenesis, which meant her kidneys hadn’t developed properly.

Chas and Paddy suffered heartbreak when their daughter Grace died last year




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