Emmerdale Christmas spoilers: Dingle family chaos, Kim Tate drama and new romances


Emmerdale Christmas could be “explosive” for some, as the 2019 spoilers and storylines have been teased with just weeks to go.

There’ll be family drama for the Dingles and the Tates it seems, while new romances will also form in the village.

The soap also has some departing characters featuring in their final scenes, while producer Kate Brooks confirmed there were “twists and turns” ahead in the village.

She told Inside Soap magazine: “We have a few tricks up our sleeves with some twists and turns. On Christmas Day, a lot of secrets will be unpacked and families thrown into disarray. People think they get the Christmas they wanted – but it might not turn out that way.

“It’s very family-centric, big on drama with explosive revelations, relationships unraveling, and people getting together. There is a lot going on! We have a lot going on with the Dingles – and Home Farm is one that you should keep your eye on.

“You can’t have Kim Tate as the mother of that big house without drama!”

The Dingles will take centre stage at Christmas on Emmerdale


Dingle family drama

The Dingles will be one of the families taking centre stage this Christmas, with plenty of drama.

Cain Dingle is still struggling with the news Nate Robinson is his secret son, not to mention his wife Moira cheated on him with the newcomer.

Cain and Aaron are dealing with heartache

His nephew Aaron Dingle is also facing heartache, after husband Robert Sugden asked for a divorce after being sent to prison.

Next week, Charity Dingle splits from girlfriend Vanessa after her involvement in the casino heist with Mandy and Vinny – then there’s Vinny’s real identity yet to be confirmed.

As Christmas approaches, drama hits the family as several stories collide – with a lot going on with the Dingle clan.

Vinny is yet to confirm his real identity

Will Cain forgive Nate, will Vanity bring in the festive period together and will we finally learn who Vinny is?

With secrets to be unraveled and characters forced to face up to recent events, will there be any Christmas cheer?

Kim Tate’s revenge as Graham revealed as Millie’s father?

Kim Tate will also be at the centre of Christmas drama this year, with her feud with Graham Foster tipped to boil over.

Graham will be departing the soap next year, as Kim deals with his recent betrayal after choosing Rhona Goskirk over her.

Kim and Graham’s drama will boil over

But what Graham has yet to confirm is he could be the real father of Kim’s granddaughter Millie – after a fling with Andrea back in the day.

So will Kim and Jamie, Millie’s dad, work out the truth and take down Graham?

Christmas won’t be a quiet one for the Tate household that’s for sure.

New romances

Producer Kate also hinted that new relationships would form over the festive period, amidst all the drama.

No confirmation has been revealed over which characters will find love under the mistletoe so fans will have to stay tuned.

Surprise exits

Bernice Blackstock is vacating the Dales, with actress Samantha Giles’ final scenes thought to air at the end of the year.

Bernice is leaving Emmerdale

Pete Barton is also leaving the soap, while it’s not yet known if Anthony Quinlan will bow out of the role this year or next year.

Graham’s exit will air in the new year.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.


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