EastEnders’ Sharon Mitchell faces prison as she’s accused of Mel Owen’s murder?


EastEnders fans are speculating a new twist for Sharon Mitchell in the fallout to Mel Owen’s shock death on the BBC soap.

The character was left horrified as Mel was hit by a lorry in front of her, moments after she rescued her from a burning car.

Mel and Sharon were embroiled in a dramatic car chase, both trying to beat one another to the airport where Phil Mitchell had just landed.

Pregnant Sharon was desperate to conceal her secret, with viewers knowing Phil isn’t the father of her baby – Keanu Taylor is the dad after the pair had a fling.

Mel discovered the truth weeks ago and had been blackmailing Sharon, until earlier this week she attempted to tell Phil the truth.

EastEnders fans think Sharon Mitchell will be blamed for Mel Owen’s death

She ended up crashing her car though and was feared dead, only to survive the crash.

Sharon dragged her out of the car seconds before it exploded and managed to get her to the side of the road.

But after believing she could hear her dead son Hunter in the car, Mel ignored Sharon and made her way back to the vehicle which was in flames.

Sharon had saved Mel’s life

EastEnders aired Mel Owen’s shock death

Tragedy struck though, as Mel stepped into the path of an incoming lorry and was killed instantly.

Sharon was horrified having just saved her enemy, only for her to die in a separate incident.

Once Mel’s friend Lisa Fowler learned of the accident, she raced round to confront Sharon and even accused her of murder.

Lisa had found out hours earlier about the baby not being Phil’s, while she is yet to find out it’s Keanu’s.

Lisa told Phil that Mel had discovered the truth, and accused Sharon of murder

As she suggested Sharon might have killed Mel to silence her, despite the mass of evidence to prove this did not happen, fans wondered if it could lead to Sharon being blamed for the death.

One fan said on Twitter : “Sharon’s going to get the blame isn’t she.”

Another agreed: “Sharon will get all the hate and blame lmao.”

A third added: “Let’s not forget Lisa knows and she will blame Sharon for Mel’s death.”

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.


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