EastEnders explodes as Phil learns baby twist weeks before Christmas ‘bloodbath’


EastEnders fans were given a shock on Thursday night, as Phil Mitchell was told he wasn’t the father of Sharon’s baby.

Viewers had been led to believe the truth would all come out on Christmas Day, leading to a “bloodbath” and explosive scenes for the family.

Sharon cheated on husband Phil last year with Keanu Taylor, before the pair had another fling earlier this year – with Sharon falling pregnant.

Keanu is engaged to Phil’s daughter Louise who is also pregnant with his baby.

In the fallout to Mel Owen’s tragic death on Thursday, Lisa didn’t hold back and told Phil the truth about Sharon.

EastEnders fans predict dramatic scenes ahead for Phil Mitchell

While she still has no idea her son-in-law Keanu is the father, she confessed to Phil that Mel had told her Sharon’s baby wasn’t his.

Phil didn’t know how to react and simply looked at Lisa confused, before Sharon ordered her to leave.

Lisa then repeated her claims while viewers will have to wait until Monday to find out if he believes her.

Lisa Fowler told Phil he wasn’t the father of Sharon’s baby

Some viewers are expecting him to hit the roof, while others think he will be convinced not to believe Lisa.

Either way, fans got more than they bargained for tonight given there’s still a good few weeks to go until Christmas and part of the baby twist has already been exposed.

Taking to Twitter fans shared their theories over whether Phil might have something up his sleeve, convinced the look on his face and the lack of denial from Sharon – not to mention her selling her share of the club for no reason – could mean he believes Lisa.

Sharon Mitchell did her best to fend off Lisa’s claims

Guilty Keanu Taylor watched on

One viewer said: “Phil definitely believes Lisa, even though Sharon will try to play it off you can tell by his face a part of him knows there’s truth to it.”

Another tweeted: “UH OH PHIL KNOWS!! he knows lisa is telling the truth…sheanu your days are numbered.”

Lisa told Phil that Mel had discovered the truth

A third agreed: “Phil’s face he believes Lisa.”

Others were surprised by the early reveal, adding: “So Phil already knows the baby isn’t his? What the hell is going to happen at Christmas then?”

Another said: “F**king hell, what’s going to happen at Christmas then?”

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.


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