EastEnders’ Danny Dyer hints Mick Carter’s days are numbered and he could be gone in two years


HARDMAN actor Danny Dyer has suggested his time as Mick Carter is running out.

The EastEnders star hinted he could be booted off Albert Square in “two years” while discussing a character drowning in the BBC soap’s 35th anniversary.

Danny Dyer has hinted that his time as Mick Carter could be coming to an end

He said: “We were on night shifts this week and it was a shock. We filmed it last night, the person died, at three in the morning.

“We were all in tears. For real. It was f***ing horrible. We’re like a team.

“It’s quite heavy. Suppose they brought Pat back for a ghost thing but I don’t think this will be. I’ve only got two years left as well!”

It is still a secret as to who dies  in the Thames after a night boozing to  celebrate the Queen Vic winning a Best Pub competition goes sour.

He was spotted filming the 35th anniversary episode this week
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Danny has played Mick Carter since 2013 and is currently involved in the storyline about his onscreen wife Linda (Kellie Bright) being an alcoholic.

But he knows he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to acting.

He said: “I divide people. Some people think I’m a joke or a parody of whatever a cockney actor is. I get that.”


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