‘Disgusting’ jobsworth traffic warden dishes out 32 parking fines during Remembrance Sunday service


A “LITTLE HITLER” traffic warden slapped tickets on dozens of cars as the drivers attended a Poppy Day parade.

The jobsworth inspector fined more than 30 motorists during yesterday’s Remembrance Day service at Paignton, Devon.


A ticket inspector has been slammed after issuing more than 30 parking fines as drivers attended a Remembrance Day service[/caption]

The warden dished out 32 parking fines during the Poppy Day memorial event in Paington, Devon
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Appalled residents accused the warden of “disrespecting” the annual service to honour Britain’s war dead.

Jan Reynolds raged on social media: “This pen pusher is nothing more than a Little Hitler – probably hoping to get a bonus for booking as many cars as possible.

Ian Luxley wrote: “Disgusting – not fit enough to lick the boots of these brave soldiers who gave their lives for the country.

“He or she should be carpeted.”

Were you one of the motorists fined during the Remembrance Day service? Contact joe.duggan@news.co.uk or call 0207 782 6245

Local people say it’s free to park on Sundays in New Street and Palace Avenue, next to the church and war memorial.

But they said the council put up notices saying free parking was “suspended” due to the Poppy Day parade held there yesterday.

Residents said a row of 32 cars had tickets slapped on them and now the owners face hefty fines.

On Facebook page Spotted Paignton, a post at 2pm yesterday said “Just a heads up to anyone parked in New Street and Palace Avenue.


“I have just walked by and literally nearly every vehicle has a parking ticket!

“So odd. Perhaps people thought as it’s Sunday you can park for free?”

Another said: “I’m sad. I counted 32 cars. The traffic warden got his bonus this week for sure.”

Another person posted: “Absolutely disgusting, the warden should be ashamed.

Disgusting – not fit enough to lick the boots of these brave soldiers who gave their lives for the country

Angry local resident

“It should be free for those who have parked there, especially for those going to pay their respects to those who have died.

“If they were shopping, fair enough, tickets should happen, but for this it’s different.”

But other local residents supported the council.

One person said: “The council put the suspension notices up in plenty of time. The suspension is there to keep those involved in the parade safe.

“If people can’t abide by the law and have some respect on such an important day, they deserve to get a fine.”

And another person posted: “Here’s a thought – should the council give all the money they get from these fines and donate them to Help the Heroes or such like charities?

“That way if you do have to pay a fine at least the money will go to the people your there to show respect to.”

Sun Online has contacted Torbay Council.

The warden issued 32 penalties during a Poppy Day service in Paignton, Devon


Local residents took to social media to complain about the warden issuing parking fines[/caption]


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