Dershowitz: Mueller Helped Dems Push for Trump's Impeachment


Special counsel Robert Mueller was helping Democrats push for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, and it was wrong for someone in his role to say the things he did in his public statement, Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Thursday.

“He said if he had the evidence that (Trump) was innocent he would have said so,” Dershowitz told Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria.” “Imagine if (Former FBI Director James) Comey had said that about Hillary Clinton. He said something close, remember, he was widely criticized for that,”

The job of a prosecutor, Dershowitz added, is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute a case. As Mueller said he couldn’t charge the president with a federal crime while following Department of Justice policy, Dershowitz said he questions why the former FBI director had been appointed to investigate.

“He couldn’t conclude that the president committed a crime, even if he saw that evidence,” said Dershowitz, “so I think what he said yesterday was absolutely irresponsible.”

GOP political consultant Karl Rove, also on the program, said he found it interesting that both House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “distorted exactly” what Mueller said by saying he suggested Trump broke the law.

Dershowitz said Democrats will likely “dig themselves into a rabbit hole” on the matter and likely will lose the 2020 election, which they could have possibly won.

“There’s no evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors or anything Mueller said,” said Dershowitz. “Mueller shouldn’t have said what he said. But the Democrats should go back to legislating and doing America’s business instead of trying to get a do-over on the Mueller report.”

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