Dems Blast GOP AGs Over Legal Attack on Obamacare


A Democratic group of state attorneys general has hit out at their Republican counterparts for trying to overturn the Affordable Care Act in court, The Hill reports.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association will launch a six-figure print and digital ad campaign opposing the GOP attorneys general in five states, Curtis Hill of Indiana, Jeff Landry of Louisiana, Eric Schmitt of Missouri, Sean Reyes of Utah, and Patrick Morrisey of West Virginia, each of whom is involved in a lawsuit challenging Obamacare. 

They are leading the 21-state coalition, all of which are Republican-controlled, in arguing before the court that Obamacare cannot exist without the individual mandate, which was removed two years ago.

One ad, which ran Sunday in The Indianapolis Star, read: “Your attorney general Curtis Hill is in court this week wasting your tax dollars to take health care from 497,000 Hoosiers like you.”

“President [Donald] Trump may call the GOP ‘the party of healthcare,’ but the truth is these Republican AGs are in court this week trying to sabotage healthcare coverage for millions of Americans,” said Farah Melendez, DAGA Political Director.

“These healthcare hypocrites are attacking the critical care people in their states rely on to go to the doctor, afford prescription medication, and take care of sick kids and family members.”

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