Couple horrify wedding guests with their aggressive invites full of expletives


A COUPLE have angered their wedding guests by sending out a swear-ridden wedding invitation branding them all ‘f*** faces’.

The couple used the ‘f’ word a whopping 16 times, and threw in a few other swear words for good measure.


The couple started off by calling their nearest and dearest ‘f*** face’[/caption]

A snap of the invite was uploaded to Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, and people are horrified over the language.

The invite starts by saying ‘hey f*** face’.

It goes onto say: “As you know, we got f****** engaged and now we’ve got to plan a mother******* wedding.

“You’re so f****** amazing, you made the cut!”


The swearing continues onto the second page as well [/caption]

It lists the venue’s details, before telling guests they can “f*** off at 12am.”

It ends by asking people “are you f****** coming”, giving three responses of “f*** yes”, “f*** no” and simply “f*** you”.

But the swearing doesn’t end there, with the back of the invite listing the ‘s*** you need to know’.

The couple have banned children – or as they call them ‘little s****’ – from the wedding, as they wanted to ‘get f*****’.

You’re so f****** amazing, you made the cut!

Wedding invite

When it comes to accommodation, guests are told to Google it, as they’re branded ‘lazy f******’.

Their friends and family are encouraged to donate to the honeymoon fund, and they’re told not to be ‘tight f****’.

And when it comes to the menu, guests better not have any life-threatening allergies as they’re told to: “Eat what the f*** you’re given you fat f***.”

Needless to say their sweary invite hasn’t gone down well, with a copy of it going viral online.

Hundreds of people have commented on the post, branding the couple “disgusting”.


People have branded the couple ‘disgusting’ over the language used [/caption]

One person said: “That invite is a big FU for me. Trashy!”

Someone else wrote: “Edgy couples that think it’s cute to be rude to others confuse me no end.”

A third thought: “It could’ve been toned down a notch and been funny. But this isn’t.”

While this person added: “No.. Just.. No.”

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