Coronation Street viewers in tears as Paul Foreman takes revenge on rapist Josh Tucker to free David Platt from prison


CORONATION Street fans are in tears after Paul Foreman tortured rapist Josh Tucker into admitting the truth that David Platt hadn’t stabbed him.

The delivery driver – who is played by actor Peter Ash in the ITV soap – is struggling to cope with his own history as a sexual abuse survivor and tonight after finding out what Josh was doing, took matters into his own hands.

Paul takes things into his own hands

He tricked his way into Josh’s hospital room and tortured him into admitting the truth and recanting his lying statement.

Paul told Josh: “You know what happens to rapists inside. Everyone hates them. Murderers, gangsters, even the guards, especially the guards.

“What’s the appeal with taking advantage of someone who can’t fight back? What kind of coward are you? You’re a sick pervert and I’m not letting you get away with it.”

Realising he was talking about his own experiences, viewers were emotional as Paul continued his threats.

Paul put the blinds down in order to torture Josh

He said: “I’m going to make sure you pay for what you did to David and for everyone else you hurt. They trusted you and you hurt them, humiliated them, you took something from them that they’ll never get back.”

As Josh tried to stand up to him, Paul continued: “I’ve spent more time inside than you’ve had haircuts. All the guards, all the kitchen staff that make your dinner, see I don’t have to hurt you now as much as I’d really like to.

“Because when you go back inside there’s nowhere you’ll be safe. You tell the truth and you won’t hear from me again but if you let David go down for this I’ll make sure you’re remaining time inside is a living nightmare. And I’ll be waiting for you when you get out.”

Josh looks absolutely terrified

His plan worked and fans were in tears of joy for David and full of praise for Paul.

One wrote: “something tells me Josh will have a fast change of heart ..!”

A second said: “Rare to see storylines cross over so seamlessly when Paul can let off some steam from his own situation, all while helping a friend in some unspoken code amongst ex-cons…”

Another added: “Never mess with Paul and his friends or he will mess with you.”


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