Coronation Street fans ‘broken’ over Ken’s harrowing monologue about Sinead


Coronation Street viewers were left utterly heartbroken tonight over Ken Barlow’s harrowing monologue about Sinead Tinker this evening.

Earlier, Daniel and Sinead meet with the oncologist, who told them that she wasn’t responding well to the chemotherapy treatment and that she has only weeks to leave, leaving them both utterly devastated.

Daniel told her that Beth had also arranged to celebrate Bertie’s first birthday at the Rovers, knowing that Sinead won’t live to see her son turn one years old.

Sinead was touched, but when she arrived at the party she struggled to keep it together and tearfully told the family about her diagnosis.
Ken Barlow’s monologue left viewers in tears tonight
Sinead and Daniel told their family the devastating news


She later feared that she had ruined Ken’s party, but he reassured her that she has done nothing of the sort.

When Sinead and Daniel left, Ken announced the devastating news to everyone in the Rovers.

Sitting with Liz away from everyone, Ken lamented Sinead’s situation and spoke about the guilt he felt over not being happy with her relationship with his son.
Liz listened to her friend
Their family was left utterly devastated

As he spoke about her son not being able to know her, the camera panned over her devastated family and friends taking in the news.

He ended his speech by saying that Sinead was “the best thing that ever happened” to Daniel, before breaking down in tears.

And fans were left struggling over the scenes, in tears over the powerful words.

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One tweeted: “Anyone else got goosebumps? #Corrie.”

While another commented with crying emojis: “Corrie what are you doing to me I’m petrified for the ep when she passes #corrie.”

A third remarked: “#Corrie. No words.”

“OMG this is proper emotional!” another wrote.

One tweeted: “IM BROKEN #Corrie.”

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