Co-worker threatens to tell HR when a woman she barely knows refuses to bake her a birthday cake for free 


AN OFFICE worker has threatened her colleague with a HR complaint after they declined to bake them a cake for free for their birthday.

A Reddit user revealed the texts that took place between them, with the threatening person asking if she wouldn’t mind spending their weekend creating the edible treat for them.

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An office worker has been threatened with a HR complaint after refusing to make their colleague a birthday cake for free[/caption]

To make matters even more awkward, the woman revealed she barely knows the birthday celebrator and the office usually chips in for her time and ingredients.

She said she received a text that said: “Hey I heard that you baked a cake for your team on his birthday. It’s my birthday next week, can you bake me a cake and bring it into the office? It’s free right?”

The woman said she’s never spoken to the person’s team before – but their colleague didn’t take no for an answer.

They even suggested to her that she bring the cake to the desk so it can be dished out and won’t be “awkward” for her.



The baffling text conversation was shared on Reddit[/caption]

The person also included a photo of the sumptuous cake they desired, which came decorated with Ferrero Rochers and Lindt Truffles.

Generously, the woman replied saying the best she could offer was a box cake or cookies, to which the co-worker rudely said: “wtf? Ur joking right lol”.

Sticking to her guns, the woman texted back: “No I’m really sorry but the fact you just want me to make this cake and deliver it to your desk so you can present it as your own contribution makes no sense to me.

“Also, I’m going to be kind of busy this weekend dogsitting.

“I think maybe it’s best for you to order a cake so you know it’ll be up to your standard or something.”

The decline in cake-making services didn’t go down with the birthday person who said the co-worker should consider the cost as a “birthday gift”.



The office worker ended the conversation very rudely and threatened to report the woman[/caption]

They aggressively ended the chat, threatening the person with a HR complaint.

They said: “Youre my co-worker. Its my birthday. I want this cake.

“I’m going to avoid you in the office from now on, and tell everyone how you really are.

“Watch your back, HR might want a word with you.”

Understandably, the post has racked up thousands of comments from puzzled Reddit users.

One shocker person said: “Is it possible to bake a cake with like the screenshot of this convo on top of it? It would be pretty hilarious’.

Another commented: “I’d bake the cake, put the screenshot and cut all of the pieces for every single one in the office except her. But that’s just my petty imaginary world.”

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