Chilling Photos Show Muslim Convert Scope Out Oxford Street Disney Store And Madame Tussauds For Plot To Mow Down And Kill 100 People In London Terror Attack


CHILLING photos taken by a terror plotter as he scoped potential targets have been revealed along with the handwritten notes he made working out his sickening plan.

Lewis Ludlow, 26, carried out reconnaissance on a number of possible targets, including Oxford Street and tourist hotspot Madam Tussauds.

PA:Press Association Ludlow scoped out a number of potential targets to hit, most in central London

Ludlow, who pleaded guilty in court, even wrote down the places he was considering to attack before ripping the notes up and throwing them away.

The sites he was considering included “madam tussauds”, “Oxford Street – busiest time…”, “St Paul’s cathedral” and a “Shia temple in Romford”.

In one note he chillingly wrote: “Further locations scouted to kil. (sic)”

He continued: “Wolf should either use a ram attack or use…on the truck to maximise death…it is a busy street it is ideal for an attack. It is expected nearly 100 could be killed in the attack”.

Ludlow carried out reconnaissance on potential targets including tourist hotspot Madame Tussauds

He hatched the plot in March and April after he was blocked from joining ISIS extremists in the Philippines.

Ludlow, of Rochester, Kent, wanted to carry out a “multiple casualty vehicle-borne assault” in central London with the aim of killing more than 100 people.

He had been due to stand trial but today admitted plotting an attack in the UK and funding ISIS abroad at the Old Bailey.

A charge of attempting to join IS in the Philippines was left to lie on the file.

He told police he was going to the Philippines as a sex tourist.

Central News Lewis Ludlow has admitted plotting to kill more than 100 people in Oxford Street

Google Ludlow plotted an attack at the Disney store in Oxford Street

PA:Press Association One possible target for Ludlow was the tourist attraction Madam Tussauds

PA:Press Association Ludlow pleaded guilty to plotting to kill people outside the Disney story on London’s busy Oxford St

The court heard Ludlow had sworn allegiance to ISIS as he prepared for the deadly massacre.

He identified Oxford Street as an “ideal” target, writing: “It is expected nearly 100 could be killed in the attack.”

Ludlow was arrested on April 18 by officers from Kent’s Counter Terrorism unit with his plans later found torn in pieces in a bin.

Chilling notes included his plot to launch on Oxford Street using a van – noting the lack of safety barriers.

PA:Press Association Ludlow had pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

PA:Press Association Ludlow considered hitting a number of possible targets taking images

Ludlow appeared in a Youtube video in March 2011, in which he said he had been a neo-Nazi before converting to Islam at the age of 16

The map shows Ludlows the bloody path he intended to take for his vehicle attack as he plotted to kill more than 100 people

Ludlow’s home after it was raided

Ludlow wrote his plans down on handwritten notes before tearing them up but cops found the remains in his bin

He considered Oxford St ‘ideal for an attack’ in one note

Cops also seized a mobile containing photos taken on a trip to London in March while carrying out reconnaissance.

They also found three videos where Ludlow – calling himself “The Eagle” spat hatred for unbelivers and ranted about his desire to establish Sharia law.

He had established a Facebook page called Antique collections, for funding so that money could be transmitted elsewhere.

The terror plotter transferred around £120 to a radicalised medic living in the Philippines.

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