‘Cheeky’ mum plans to ask guests to bring CASH to five-year-old twins’ birthday party – because she ‘doesn’t want to bin unwanted presents’


A “CHEEKY” mum has sparked outrage by her plan to ask guests to bring cash to her five-year-old twins’ birthday party.

Posting on Mumnset, she explained her kids had only started school three weeks ago – so she doesn’t know most of the parents.

A ‘cheeky’ mum has caused outrage by her plan to ask guests to bring cash, rather than presents, to her twins’ fifth birthday party
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But now she wants to send a group WhatsApp asking for cash in a card, instead of gifts, from their 50 guests – so she doesn’t have to chuck unwanted presents away.

She said: “I’m starting to freak out about the number of presents they will get and where to keep them in the house (plus all that extra plastic that will end up at the dump).

“WIBU (would I be unreasonable) to send a group WhatsApp message asking not to bring presents or to put a bit of cash in a card and I can take them to get something they choose?

“How could I word it? Most guests are their new classmates (only started 3 weeks ago), so I don’t know the parents”.

The twins only started school 3 weeks ago, so she doesn’t know most of the parents

The vast majority of her fellow mums were shocked by the suggestion, saying: “Asking for cash is rude and vulgar.”

One woman wrote: “No you can’t ask people your kids have known for three weeks for cash! Outrageous!”

While a second said: “Omg of course you can’t ask for cash, how cheeky and rude!

“If you didn’t want ’50 plastic tat presents’ then you shouldn’t have invited 50 people!”

A third added:” I buy reduced toys just after summer season and Christmas for parties throughout the year.

“I am absolutely skint and wouldn’t be able to afford cash in a card. I’d ask for no presents in your situation.”

Another mum slammed: “By asking for cash you’re probably pushing people to up their spending amount ie probs up to a tenner. Comes across as grabby.”

And one said: “I am sorry, if I saw a request for cash for a child’s birthday, I would think that’s entering the league of cheeky f***wittery.”

Her fellow mums were outraged by the suggestion

Others suggested asking for books instead of plastic toys, keeping some aside for Christmas, regifting to other kids or donating unwanted gifts to charity.

But some felt the ‘cash in a card’ idea wasn’t a bad one.

One mum said: “Put a few nice words about saving the environment and only wanting their presence at the party and chances are you will get a few fivers put in the card anyway.

“I just asked for donations towards a large item and it went down well.”

While a second said: “Round here, thanks to a brilliant mum who had the balls to be the first to say ‘please bring no presents, and if you insist a £2 coin for her piggy bank would be great as she’s saving for x’.

“All parties are now pretty much no gift parties. Most people put £5 in a card or £2 in the piggy bank.

“Everyone loves it. Just took someone new to the area to mention the idea.”

We previously reported on a mum who sparked outrage by demanding kids pay £70, gift Amazon vouchers and bring their own food to her teen’s birthday party.


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