Cadbury chocolate product urgently recalled from Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda – warning


Home Bargains revealed that for the Christmas season they will be selling a giant chocolate bar of Toblerone, but customers were left shocked and outraged after discovering how much this festive treat is. 

The giant Toblerone bar, which is described by Home Bargains as “a fantastic gift which guarantees an impactful surprise,” weighs a whopping 4.5kg and has an enormous length of 80cm, it truly is a giant in the chocolate bar industry.

The sweet treat is available online and in-store, according to Home Bargains Facebook page, which joked: “We’re gonna need a bigger bag!”

Despite many enjoying the novelty chocolate bar, customers have been left outraged at the price, as currently, the giant treat is selling for a shocking £49, reduced from a whopping £73.

One bewildered customer joked: “Who in their right mind would pay that amount for a chocolate bar, especially a cheap one like that.”

Another added: “You want your head looking at if you’re gonna spend £50 on chocolate”.


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