Britain’s Got Talent’s Brotherhood reveal death-defying act that was BANNED from the live semi-final over health and safety fears


BRITAIN’S Got Talent’s Brotherhood have released a terrifying glimpse of the act that was banned from the live semi-final.

The magic act famed for their death-defying stunts are “devastated” to have left the competition and have given fans a titillating peek at what they had in store.

One of them is submerged in water

A source close to the group exclusively told The Sun Online: “They’re devastated they won’t get a chance to perform their new stunts on the show.

“So they have treated fans to a glimpse of their act on Instagram.”

The three-part video shows the three men each undergoing a terrifying fate.

One is set on fire, while another is submerged in a tank of water and a third is wrapped in chains.

Another is set on fire
The stunt looks incredibly dangerous
They showed behind the scenes at BGT
Another is wrapped in chains
Britain’s Got Talent act Brotherhood have dropped out of the competition
Rex Features

Earlier tonight, a source told The Sun Online exclusively that the boys failed to declare the contents of their act and for health and safety reasons there’s no way they could perform.

The source told us: “They were told they can’t perform as every act must declare what they’re performing and the boys didn’t – so for health and safety reasons they were told they can’t appear on the show.

“It’s very strange why they wouldn’t reveal what they were planning.”

A spokesperson for Britain’s Got Talent said: “The Brotherhood have had to withdraw from the Britain’s Got Talent Live Semi-Finals. Libby and Charlie will now be performing on Friday nights show.”

The magic act were famed for their death-defying stunts
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Announcing their departure on Instagram, the magic act wrote: “We’ve learned to stay humble in the good times and humble in defeat.

“We’ve worked for the last 4 months on an act so ambitious and out there that we’ve put our sanity, blood, sweat, fire and tears on the line.

“Through circumstance and bad luck out of our hands sadly we aren’t in a position where we can deliver what we set out to do. It kills me that we’ve failed and that we will no longer be in 2019’s @bgt competition.”

They added: “We are truly gutted that we won’t get to be in the fight but we aimed for the stars and fell short.

“It’s been an absolutely incredible ride for BGT this year and I wish all the acts still In the competition the best of luck and success and that a magic act can bring home the crown again.”

The group announced their departure on Instagram

Thanking fans for their support throughout the competition, they finished: “If we’ve taken anything from this, it’s that collectively YOU can achieve great things, no matter what’s in front of you. No matter what is happening in the world, the power of friendship and dreaming big is a powerful thing.

“Thank you to each and every single person that messaged us (both the love and the hate)- you’ve made us smile and proud. 4 yes’s and 2.6 million views on YouTube makes this crazy ride worth it. Big love. See you soon.”

The creepy group made a lasting impression with their first audition, which began with them saying: “We are Brotherhood, welcome to our game of mysteries, with this.”

The creepy magicians Brotherhood put their lives in Dec’s hands for death defying stunt

One of the masked figures then sliced a melon in half with a large samurai sword as terrified presenters Ant and Dec looked on from backstage.

The spooky act used four boxes and it became very clear that there could be deadly consequences to follow, depending on which ones were selected.

The leader of the pair picked Dec to take his sharp sword and said: “Take this sword and put it in one of these boxes.”

The act wore black suits and masks to hide their identitiesThe creepy act, who dressed in black suits and terrifying face masks, left judge Simon Cowell absolutely gobsmacked.

They continued: “We cannot see which box you choose.

Simon was left gobsmacked after the act appeared on stage
All four of the judges were creeped out by the act
Dec looked terrified with what he had to do for the mysterious figure
They fell on to the boxes
Rex Features
And appeared to risk their lives
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“Our lives are in your hands, as it’s series 13, choose wisely.”

The pair then proceeded to fall onto the boxes and appeared to narrowly avoid the blade and risk a life-threatening injury.

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