Britain’s Got Talent fans expose Ben Hart’s shrinking playing cards magic trick in live final


BEN Hart’s impressive shrinking playing cards magic trick in tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent live final has been exposed by eagle-eyed fans.

The judges and viewers at home were left impressed as the 28-year-old magician seemingly made the deck get smaller and smaller until it disappeared, but cynics have now shared how they think he did the trick.

Cynics think the large playing card was key to Ben’s sleight of hand
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During his act earlier this evening, Ben told the story of how he first got into magic, recalling a trick that his grandfather had shown him in India.

He then carried out the exact same trick, shrinking a regular set of cards until they eventually turned into dust.

Ben put aside one card at the start of the show, bringing it up after each transition for comparison – and viewers think that this was integral to pulling off the act.

Taking to social media, they have argued that the hopeful was using incredibly precise sleight of hand to swap each deck for a smaller one during this moment.

The hopeful eventually made the deck disappear
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One cynic wrote: “Not really magic if you keep going into your pocket for smaller cards.”

Another claimed: “He kept retrieving the “big card” to hide the previous set back into his pocket.”

This isn’t the first time that Ben has been caught out by viewers, with his semi-final trick being debunked earlier this week.

In that performance, Ben made cards and matchsticks disappear into thin air before they reappeared in unexpected places – but it didn’t take long for fans to figure out the magic.

Ben previously told us that he wouldn’t ever reveal the secrets behind his routines, explaining to The Sun: “Magic helps to remind us that there are mysteries in the world and that not everything has or needs an answer.

Ben previously insisted that he’d never reveal the secrets behind his magic
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“In a world of answers, it’s nice to have a mystery.

“I’m not personally worried about people trying to work things out, because if they’re trying to work things out, they’re already denying themselves the feeling of amazement and that’s the bit that I find interesting.

“All that matters for me is that they feel that initial moment of wonder – whether they choose to protect that or to destroy it is up to them, all I have to do is make sure that they feel it.”

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