Brit ‘forced To Flee Dubai’ After Stripping Naked And Tucking His Todger Between His Legs While Celebrating England’s World Cup Win In A Bar


A BRIT has been forced to flee Dubai after stripping naked and tucking his todger between his legs while celebrating England’s World Cup win in a bar.

The boozed-up footie fan was filmed in the buff after roaring on the Three Lions at an expat pub in the city.

A Brit strips naked during rowdy Three Lions celebrations in a bar in Dubai

Following Eric Dier’s match-winning penalty over Colombia on Tuesday, the World Cup fan leapt onto a wooden table and undressed in front of hundreds of other England supporters.

But the 18-second clip of his wild antics, where he is filmed chugging beer next to women and burly blokes, has been circulated on social media in the UAE city, where he now faces being locked up if caught.

A witness said: “The lad is well-known round these parts for being football mad.

“He’s part of an expat group that regularly hosts Premier League matchdays in pubs out here and it’s not the first time he’s got carried away.

He was even filmed clamouring tucking his todger between his legs

He is now said to have fled the city amid fears he could be arrested

“Millions watched Dier bury his record penalty and celebrated in appropriate fashion.

“But stripping off and tucking your c**k between your legs in public has to be the most bizarre.

“Authorities in Dubai take a very dim view to drunken louts – especially seeing as it’s illegal to drink in the city without an alcohol licence.

“They usually turn a blind eye to it, but this video has been shared on expat social media groups and is rife across Whatsapp so they’ll be forced to act if they see it.

Cops in the city take a dim view of public nudity and lout behaviour

“This lad’s done a runner as a result – he’d get thrown in the slammer without question and deported anyway.

“And in this neck of the woods, it’s not uncommon for authorities to chop off whatever body part they wish.”

The incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday at the Garden on 8 pub in the MediaOne Hotel, Dubai Marina.

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