Bride brutally roasted over ‘awful’ detail


A bride-to-be who excitedly shared an image of her glistening engagement ring online has been the subject of a brutal backlash after people noticed another detail about the photo.

While the snap was intended as a way to flaunt and show off her diamond engagement ring, Facebook users were more concerned with her alarmingly grown-out acrylics, The Sun reports.

Writing on a Facebook group, a member posted the image of the offending bride-to-be’s hand with the caption: “That ring is as awful as whatever the hell is happening with her nails.”

The unidentified woman’s manicure caused a stir, with another person explaining they were “speechless”.

media_cameraA bride-to-be has become the centre of controversy after sharing a photo of her engagement ring, only for people to be more interested in her manicure. Picture: Supplied/Facebook

“I couldn’t even focus on the ring after seeing the nails,” a commenter said.

“I’m not normally speechless when I look at these kinda photos but damn … I’m 100% speechless,” another wrote.

Several users stated they were “confused” by the image, as two of the woman’s nails appeared to have grown much more quickly than the others.

“Looks like the nail is trying to run away from the ring,” one user commented.

Another wrote: “I’m so confused … how did that ring finger nail grow so much faster?”

One person even suggested the images couldn’t possibly be “real” because the manicure was so bad.

media_cameraThe comments were brutal, declaring the ring and nails ‘awful’. Picture: Supplied/Facebook

“Surely this ain’t real, if her nails grew out that quick they’d be chipped to death,” they said.

Another wondered how it was “even still attached”, while one was worried the woman would end up “losing a fingernail” if it happened to catch on something.

According to Whimn, most acrylic nails will last around four weeks, but some can stay on for as long as six depending on how fast the natural nails grow.


In recent months, a major trend of “shaming” details about people’s weddings, from their rings to their dresses and even the food, has emerged online.

Last week, reported on a wedding outfit that was branded “inappropriate” and “awful” by angry internet users.

The long, navy blue silk gown — which retailed for $299 — was slammed for showing too much skin, having a long train and being too “risque”.

Others called the outfit “dramatic”, “a bit much” and awful, while one commenter even claimed it looked like she was “trying too hard”.

media_cameraA wedding guest’s chosen dress was slammed recently after it was shared online by her concerned sister. Picture: Abyss by Abby

In April, one bride copped major flak online after her “bum cleavage” gown was shared. Users likened the woman’s sleeveless dress to that of a “strip show”, with some people branding it as too risque for the special occasion.

However, it’s not just outfits that get called out online as part of the growing wedding shaming trend, with food often coming under fire too.

media_cameraThis wedding day feast was also subjected to cruel criticism. Picture: Supplied/Facebook

A couple’s wedding day spread was branded “pathetic” after a photo of the food was leaked online recently.

Included in the catering were slices of unwrapped “plastic cheese”, cut-up oranges and squares of a chocolate cake adorned with a lemon lolly that were savagely mocked.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

Originally published as Bride brutally roasted over ‘awful’ detail


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