Boris’s Global Britain pledge is one in the eye for Remainers who think Brexit is about pulling up the drawbridge


WELL, that’s one in the eye for the Remainers who think Brexit is all about pulling up the drawbridge.

Boris’s announcement that — once we’ve left — the UK will welcome the best and brightest science minds from around the world is a real commitment to a truly Global Britain.


Boris Johnson has said he wants the UK ‘to continue to be a global science superpower’ and welcome talent from around the world[/caption]

It marks an end to the absurd state of affairs in which we had an open door to anybody born in the EU, regardless of their talents, and were effectively forced to slam another door in the face of those who have shown themselves to be  leaders in their fields.

There are still those who think that the vote to leave the EU was an  anti-immigrant vote. It wasn’t. It was a vote to take back control.

And as we look towards our departure, this Government must deliver an open immigration system that welcomes those who will  contribute to the economy and  life of our great country.

With a say on who comes in — and who doesn’t — we’ll be able to ensure our public services are ready for a population increase and that the supply of houses goes up as quickly as it needs to.

Don’t believe the doomsayers. Once we’re free of Brussels’ grip this country can take its place back at the very top of the world. A magnet for hard-working, talented people, who can take our already successful businesses to the next level.

It’s another clear reason why, no matter how messy our departure sometimes seems, and how long it is taking…

Britain is still better off out.

Fear we go

JUST when you thought Project Fear was dead, here comes the BBC to stick it on life support.

We’ve had such a constant barrage of scare stories about a clean break Brexit that anybody who believed them all would have run for the hills with a decade’s worth of spam and a shotgun.

Just when you thought Project Fear was dead, here comes the BBC to stick it on life support

This week  there have been panicked predictions of rationing and cattle culls and warnings from US economist Larry Summers — who some see as one of the architects of the 2008 financial crisis — that we’re a “desperate” nation which can’t hope for a decent US trade deal.

Given rather less fanfare by Auntie was a letter from Republican Senators pledging to deliver just that.

Some comfort is that nobody’s buying it any more.

The public is rapidly losing faith in the Beeb.

Dream time

FINALLY, it’s back.

The Premier League promises to be better than ever — and this season will see the added drama of VAR. About time, too.

Get your Dream Team sorted, and enjoy the season.


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