Bizarre $7 cleaning gadget people love


No one likes preparing their dinner in a dirty kitchen appliance — and this bizarre gadget helps lift stains so they wipe away within seconds.

The Angry Mama Microwave and Oven Steam Cleaner, which costs $10 on Amazon, promises to leave your appliance sparkling and “cut microwave cleaning time in less than half”, The Sun reports.

media_cameraThe Angry Mama gadget helps to clean your microwave in seconds. Pictures: Amazon
media_cameraImpressed reviewers showed off their sparkling results on Amazon. Picture: Amazon

To use the Angry Mama, you simply fill it with water and vinegar, place it in the microwave and put it on high for up to seven minutes.

Steam will be slowly reduced through the head, softening any stray food and stains — allowing you to wipe it down with ease after two minutes of resting with the door open.

You may want to add a squeeze of lemon, so the vapour can also disinfect and deodorise your white goods.

You can also buy a Chilly Mama Fridge Deodoriser that promises to keep it smelling fresh for months.

media_cameraThis pic shows how the Angry Mama is assembled. Picture: Amazon

Raving about the product on Amazon, impressed reviewers wrote: “Worth it. Loosened up the gunk in the microwave well and it was easy to clean quickly!”

A second mum commented: “I love it. It worked fantastic. Just had to wipe it out. It’s so cute. I had no problems with it at all. I would buy it for a gift any day.”

And a third said: “Even stuck-on food wipes out with ease. I love this thing! I’m buying more for unique Christmas gifts.”

media_cameraShoppers said they ‘loved’ the ‘amazing’ gadget. Picture: Amazon

One lady gushed: “Well this sort of amazing! I kind of didn’t expect this to work but I was actually quite impressed.

“Everything just wiped out with pretty much no effort. I have a family of five so my microwave is pretty funky most of the time LOL.”

Some suggested you could get the same result by putting the ingredients in a mug, but one impressed reviewer disagreed.

She wrote: “This works better than just boiling a bowl or cup of water in microwave.

“The steam reaches into all the nooks and soften all spills and splatters.”

This article was originally published on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

Originally published as Bizarre $7 cleaning gadget people love


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