Big changes on new Aussie $20 note


An internet user has shared a “sneak peek” at Australia’s new $20 note ahead of its release into circulation this October.

Reddit user “teen-bean1” posted a photo on Wednesday of the new banknote, which features a newly designed portrait of businesswoman Mary Reibey side-by-side with the current version.

“I hope they ran this one through the spellchecker,” read the top comment.

Earlier this month, the Reserve Bank was left red-faced after a typo was discovered on the redesigned $50 note. The error made it onto “around 400 million” of the new notes, with 46 million already in circulation.

The new $20 note’s design was first unveiled by the RBA in February, but the Reddit post appears to be the first photo of one in the wild.

As with the existing version, the note features portraits of Ms Reibey — a horse-stealing convict who helped establish the Bank of NSW — and Royal Flying Doctor Service founder Reverend John Flynn.

They will also come with a raft of new, state-of-the-art security features.

These new elements include a top-to-bottom clear window that contains dynamic elements, including a flying kookaburra that moves its wings and changes colour, and a reversing number 20.

There will also be a patch with a “rolling-colour effect” as well as “microprint” showcasing excerpts from Mr Flynn’s book, The Bushman’s Companion, and the names of Ms Reibey’s ships.

media_cameraA ‘sneak peak’ at the new $20 note. Picture: teen-bean1/Reddit

“The new $20 banknote continues to celebrate the lives of two outstanding Australians,” RBA governor Philip Lowe said earlier this year.

“Their stories are told through the images we have incorporated on the banknote, which provide a rich and diverse narrative about their life in Australia.”

New $5, $10 and $50 banknotes featuring new security features were introduced in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The RBA skipped the $20 note and went straight to the $50 note in part because the $50 note is more popular with counterfeiters.

Last month, NSW Police issued a warning about fake $20 notes that may be in circulation after an elderly farmer near the Queensland border unknowingly used one to pay for some hay.

The notes were supposed to be used to train Chinese bank tellers but have “made their way to the Northern Rivers where people are using them illegally”, the Richmond Police District said on Facebook.

“This could be a one-off incident, however it’s a timely reminder for people to be vigilant when dealing with large amounts of money, making sure there are no counterfeit or fake notes being circulated,” police said.

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