Biden Heckled at Iowa Independence Day Parade


Former Vice President Joe Biden faced hecklers during a Fourth of July parade in Iowa, with one man calling him “Sleepy Joe,” a moniker used by President Donald Trump to poke fun at the Democratic presidential nominee.

Another man asked him where his walker was, while others chanted “Trump.”

“Biden ran back and forth between parade-goers to shake as many hands as possible. You could hear some ‘Trump’ chants when his supporters were chanting Biden’s name,” reported NBC News’ Marianna Sotomayor.

Biden, who jogged down the Independence, Iowa’s 2nd Street, asked the man who called him “Sleepy Joe” to join him. The man declined.

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio were also in attendance during the festivities.

Trump in April welcomed Biden to the 2020 field, dubbing him “Sleepy Joe” and questioning his intelligence.

“Welcome to the race Sleepy Joe. I only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign,” Trump tweeted. “It will be nasty – you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick & demented ideas. But if you make it, I will see you at the Starting Gate!”

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