‘Apocalyptic’ Australia wildfires traps families in homes and forces hundreds to flee in ‘unprecedented’ emergency


AUSSIE fire chiefs have warned they are working in “uncharted territory” as they battle a series of huge wildfires throughout the state of New South Wales.

The number of “apocalyptic” bush fires stood at 90 as of this morning, with the NSW Rural Fire service describing the blazes as “dynamic…volatile and very dangerous.”

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Locals are trapped inside of their homes as it is too late to flee, a picture taken during the middle of the day shows the extent of the blazes[/caption]


Emergency services say they are in ‘uncharted territory’ as they battle with 17 emergency level fires[/caption]

NASA Earth Observatory

Smoke from the raging fires can be seen from space[/caption]


Scorching temperatures of up to 35C and gusty winds are encouraging the devastating blazes.

According to reports, some locals are trapped inside their own homes with fire crews unable to reach them due to the strength of the fires.

As it was too late to flee the flames, those trapped were desperately urged to seek shelter.

The blazes have turned skies bright orange in some areas, with traumatised residence tweeting that it looks like “the apocalypse is coming.”

Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said: “We have never seen this many fires concurrently at emergency warning level.”

At one point, there were 17 huge fires classed at “emergency level” raging throughout the state at the SAME TIME.

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Horrified residence say the fires look ‘apocalyptic’[/caption]

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terrifying clouds of smoke and scorching flames are exacerbated by gusty winds and high heats in the southeastern Australian state[/caption]

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Skies have turned bright orange[/caption]

Fire services have deployed more than 1,000 fire fighters ans 70 aircraft, with Fitzsimmons saying they were out to “save as many people as possible.”

The fires are spread across 621 miles of Australia’s coast, with emergency response units pushed to their limits.

Emergency warnings were also issued today for wildfires burning in Queensland and Western Australia.

The bushfires have been blazing since September throughout New South Wales.

Last week, it was feared that hundreds of Koalas had been burned alive as s almost 2,000 hectares of land were razed in the wildfires – including an important koala breeding ground.

The blaze is thought to have been caused after lightning struck a tree in the dry bush land in southern Australia, as fires also ravage Tasmania.

The country is now in the midst of record high winter temperatures after its hottest summer ever – with the mercury soaring to 40C back in October.


People who ran out of time to escape the blaze have been encouraged to seek shelter inside their homes[/caption]


Dusty, smoky skies have flushed the state with a midday twilight[/caption]


A badly burnt koala is treated at a local animal hospital[/caption]


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Hundreds of koalas are thought to have been burned alive as the marsupials struggle to cope during yearly bush blazes[/caption]

News Corp Australia

The fire in New South Wales has been blazing for since September[/caption]


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