Anti-vax WAG launches scathing attack amid Samoa measles outbreak


An anti-vax WAG isn’t stopping in her war against the Samoan government for its response to the country’s measles epidemic.

Controversial anti-vaxxer Taylor Winterstein has again taken to Instagram to voice her concerns in a scathing six part series posted Tuesday.

The wife of Samoan rugby league player Frank Winterstein is campaigning against compulsory immunisation in Samoa and has previously compared the tiny island nation to Nazi Germany.

In her latest attack Mrs Winterstein also takes aim at the media.

“Mainstream media are doing their best to use my family as a scapegoat for the Samoan Government, they want us to carry the blame, they want to distract the public from what is really going on,” she said.

“As my family comes under attack from media outlets around the world — I refuse to be quiet or hide as they continue with this relentless, vicious and calculated witch hunt.”

Samoa has adopted “Black Death” tactics reminiscent of London’s 14th century bubonic plague to fight its measles epidemic, as deaths almost triple in a week.

The small island country’s Prime minister has ordered a shutdown of all businesses and decreed citizens “tie a red cloth or red flag in front of their houses and near the road to indicate that family members have not been vaccinated”.

The two-day shutdown, starting 7am Thursday, is to allow a “door-to-door mass vaccination campaign” after 60 measles deaths were reported, up from 24 just over a week ago.

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PART 1: If what is happening in 🇼🇸SAMOA🇼🇸 right now is important you, I urge you to take the time to READ the next posts and do your own research into the links I have provided. I am going to address this mess once and for all and I ask you to SHARE THIS to help spread the TRUTH. __ My husband and I have never once told anyone not to vaccinate. We stand for INFORMED CONSENT, FREEDOM OF CHOICE and VACCINE INJURY AWARENESS. We have for the last 5 years and we always will. We have many family and friends who choose to vaccinate their loved ones and we love and respect them unconditionally. Many of our family and friends who choose to vaccinate, also support us and our choice not to vaccinate. No matter what, we support your RIGHT TO CHOOSE, whatever that choice may be. What we do not support is bullying, coercion and manipulation by the medical establishment, the media or government, when it comes to a one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule which does not factor in bio-individuality for any infant or child. What we do not support is mandatory vaccination laws and NO COMPENSATION program in place for families whose children have been injured. What we do not support is liability-free protection and lack of transparency for an industry with no incentive to make their products safer. What we do not support is corrupt media, journalists and reporters who constantly set out to defame, dehumanise and discredit anyone who dares to question vaccine safety – whether they be a Doctor, Scientist or parent. What we do not support is the gang-stalking mentality of people who use vile abuse and shaming directed at anyone who chooses not to vaccinate their children. What we do not support is the flawed adverse events surveillance systems currently in place which under-reports vaccine reactions worldwide.

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Mrs Winterstein went on to claim the government has failed to deliver Vitamin A tablets to victims, a treatment which is recognised by the World Health Organisation.

She said poor nutrition was contributing to the Samoan health crisis.

“It is no secret that poor nutrition is major contributing factor in the Samoan health crisis,” she said.

“Samoans are overfed and undernourished, yet the government has been slow to act when it comes to nutrition and the role it plays in preventing disease.”

Mrs Winterstein said it not unreasonable to question medical professionals and the medical interventions they advised, “especially in times of crises when decision making can be rushed”.

“I have been made aware that in Samoa at this time, the standard protocol for treatment of measles given to patients in the hospital system is to administer antibiotics for a viral infection, and acetaminophen to reduce the fever,” she said.

“You do not need a degree to know this is DANGEROUS for a child already malnourished suffering an infection such as the measles.

Taylor Winterstein, wife of Frank Winterstein, runs an anti-vax blog. Insta. Picture: @tays_way_
media_cameraTaylor Winterstein, wife of Frank Winterstein, runs an anti-vax blog. Insta. Picture: @tays_way_

“These two treatments alone that will annihilate a child’s gut microbiome (which makes up most of their immune system) and inhibit a child’s body to naturally clear the infection.”

During the Instagram onslaught, she also questioned whether babies were dying because of the type of treatment they were given and called for medical practitioners to review their protocol.

“Understand that vaccination does not automatically equal immunisation due to vaccine failure. You can be fully vaccinated and STILL contract the disease,” she said.

Mrs Winterstein said the government was using medical fascism tactics to mandate a vaccine on the entire population of a democratic nation without exception and regardless of an individual’s health status.

“That will see Samoans as young as six months of age suffer for ‘the greater good’,” she said.

“It is their lack of foresight to see that malnutrition and Vitamin A deficiency in Samoa, which has been carefully recorded and understood by Samoan authorities for years, were precursors to this disaster and that which has led to the unnecessary loss of lives.”

She said she and her husband had never told anyone not to vaccinate and they stood for informed consent.

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