Ant and Dec leave viewers in tears as Dec sobs after meeting his long-lost family


ANT and Dec left viewers in tears last night after an emotional episode of their documentary DNA Journey – with both of the presenting duo meeting their long lost family.

Yet the moment that touched viewers the most was when Ant McPartlin’s cousin sings the song played at Dec Donnelly’s dad’s funeral, leaving the star sobbing.

Ant gave Dec a hug as he explained the significance of the song

The pair travelled to a pub in Drumkeeran in County Leitrim, Ireland, which was filled with Ant’s relatives discovered via DNA matching.

As they got to know the family history and connections, one of the cousins says she will sing a song dedicated to immigration and Northern Ireland.

Dec recognises the song and after the performance, both him and Ant have broken down in tears.

While he cried, he revealed he “loved” the song, before admitting it was played at his father’s funeral.

Ant’s cousin performed an emotional rendition of an old Irish song
It left both of the presenters in tears

His dad, Alphonsus Donelley, died aged 78 in 2011 after a battle with cancer.

Fans also broke down in tears at the moment, with one fan writing: “The boys crying left me a bit in tears… Especially when Dec told that he knew that song from his dad’s funeral. Wow, this is getting not only better but so emotional. #DNAjourney”

Another added: “Watching Ant and Dec’s DNA journey and I’m laughing and crying in equal measures.”

A third said: “im actually balling, when dec started crying i just lost it. he’s so precious”

Ant and Dec meeting Dec’s cousin Dixie Carter

Yet it wasn’t all tears for the presenters, as Dec made a surprise discovery – he is the cousin of famous American wrestler Dixie Carter.

She flew over to Ireland to meet him and they shared a moment joking about her profession.

Then Dixie’s daughter arrive and recognised the presenters from clips of Britain’s Got Talent.

Ant and Dec’s DNA Journey is a two-part special follows the Geordie duo as they tread through their family history with the help of historians and genealogists.


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