Alarming detail in brutal swimwear fail


There’s nothing more embarrassing than a wardrobe malfunction — that dreaded moment you realise something in your wardrobe has failed you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s quite possibly the worst.

So spare a thought for poor Lyndsey Brown, who during a recent trip to a beach club in Ibiza discovered her one shoulder swimming costume had utterly failed her.

The 20-year-old from Scotland was left red-faced when she pulled on her swimmers and discovered the hard way she wasn’t properly tucked in down below.

Not only was her vagina “hanging out”, she also had the painful reality of a thin thong-like strap cutting into her delicate lady parts. Ouch.

media_cameraA woman’s brutal bikini fail went viral, but as everyone laughed at the awkward mishap, there was an alarming detail people missed. Picture: Twitter

Quite rightly furious, she took her complaints directly to Pear Swimwear, where she’d bought the colourful turquoise and pink number.

“Hey, I wore that swimsuit today. And it’s stretch like anything,” she said. “I only wore it for a couple of hours. My vagina was hanging out constantly. Is it meant to stretch like that?”

She then shared a picture of the outfit, which was visibly failing to cover her private parts.

However, after ranting about her “embarrassing” togs, she made another humiliating discovery. It turns out, thanks to a few drinks, her judgment had been slightly affected, and she’d been wearing the one-piece upside down, having removed it to use the bathroom.

“Hi Lyndsey. I’m really sorry you were embarrassed by your swimsuit,” the company’s rep politely told her. “I have had a look at the picture you sent and believe you are wearing the swimsuit upside down.”

Seeing the funny side of things, Lyndsey shared her hilarious mishap on Twitter. It quickly went viral, as people revelled in the horror of her awkward public display of nudity. Currently the tweet has over 140,000 likes and has been shared more than 30,000 times.

media_cameraLyndsey wearing the bikini correctly, earlier in the day. Picture: Twitter

But the real horror comes in the alarming detail Lyndsey continued to wear the swimmers for several hours, appearing to accept her fate of having the skimpiest, vagina-flashing togs in town.

While many would have refused to wear the X-rated ensemble she’d accidentally created by wearing the cossie upside down, she shrugged it off and got on with her day out at the Spanish hotspot.

None of her friends batted an eyelid about the design either, helpfully “rearranging” the vag-flashing thong whenever a bit too much flesh was on display.

And why didn’t Lyndsey seem that unsurprised by her explicit swimming costume you might ask? Well, one Twitter user summed it up quite nicely: “I can see how that could happen. Swimmers are so tiny these days.”

media_cameraAfter her holiday, she complained about the X-rated swimsuit to the store where she bought it. Picture: Twitter
media_cameraThe company who sold her the swimsuit revealed Lyndsey’s mistake. Picture: Twitter

Yep, the world appears to be caught in the grips of a micro swimwear trend that none of us asked for, but we’re getting anyway. Our once trusty togs are getting smaller by the day according to my Instagram feed.

Poolside fashion has gone from risqué to straight up horrifying, with continual minuscule trends proving this, such as the under boob bikini, “duct tape” bikini, tiny buckle bikini and even the aptly-named naked bikini.

The most recent horror show was the “censored” bikini, an X-rated see-through piece of swimwear that was deliberately designed to only cover your nipples. How are we meant to rock that while trying to catch a wave down at Bondi Beach? Adding further insult to injury is the staggering $850 price tag that came with it.

media_cameraThis bikini is so X-rated, it comes with its own censor. Picture: Instagram/cultgaia. Picture: Instagram
media_cameraThen there’s the mind-boggling duct tape bikinis. Picture: Instagram
media_cameraThe buckle bikini had people up in arms earlier this year. Picture: Instagram

While Lyndsey’s humour is a credit to her, this viral story only serves as yet another reminder the world’s fascination with teeny tiny swimmers has gone nuts.

The Pear Swimwear website described the swimsuit as having a “high leg” with a customisable choice of standard, full, cheeky or thong coverage bottoms. But what’s wrong with good old-fashioned reliable?

While it’s obvious skimpy is well and truly here to stay, Lyndsey’s mishap is proof the tiny trend has officially gone too far.

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