$4 Aldi item flying off the shelves


Aussie foodies have been sharing their latest obsession online, after shoppers dug out a delicious treat in Aldi’s freezer aisle — crumbed camembert.

The crispy, oven baked rounds of cheese have been a staple at Aldi for some time, but social media has blown up with glowing reviews recently, as shoppers claim they’re the perfect treat to accompany the cold weather.

And the best part is that a box will set you back just $3.99.

media_cameraThe Crumbed Camembert is flying off shelves. Picture: Facebook/ShoppingForMyTribe

Each pack of Crumbed Camembert contains two, individually sealed rounds of cheese, coated in crispy breadcrumbs, and two packets of cranberry dip — that bare a striking resemblance to the sauce you would usually get with your McDonald’s McNuggets.

People have been posting photos of their purchases online, along with their verdict on the cheesy rounds.

“I’ve had this before and it’s delicious,” one person wrote.

Another said “I get these whenever they’re out. Soo bloody yummy.”

media_cameraThe crumbed cheese comes in individually sealed packets ready for the oven. Picture: Facebook/AldiMums

Pictures of the crumbed camembert were circulated around social media this month, attracting thousands of likes and comments from cheese lovers who were eager to try it out.

Several shoppers claimed the cheesy treat was best served on “the weekend with a glass of red wine”.

One UK-based Aldi lover said “This better come to the UK or we are moving back to Australia.”

media_cameraFoodies are in a frenzy over this cheesy treat. Picture: Facebook/IBoughtItAt

Aldi isn’t the only grocery store that carries this crispy fried cheese.

Coles has it’s own rival brand of crumbed Cornish Camembert wedges for just $5.

Coated in a golden rice flour crumb, the wedges come in a pack of 8.

Founder of the Mumspo Facebook group posted a photo of a dish of the gooey wedges recently, saying the Coles brand treats were “amazing”.

“I have just smashed all 8 in the time it’s taken me to write this post,” she wrote.

media_cameraThe crumbed camembert wedges are available in the freezer section at Coles. Picture: Facebook/Mumspo

It comes a few months after Aldi sparked a frenzy over another cheesy addition — Halloumi Fries.

The cripsy treat left Aldi customers satisfied, with some calling them the “perfect snack”.

Looks like halloumi may have competition for favourite fried cheesy snack.

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Originally published as $4 Aldi item flying off the shelves


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