$14 Kmart leggings transforming butts


As Jon Snow would say, winter is coming. And as anyone who hates the cold knows, there are a few wardrobe staples that tend to get you through those pesky frigid months.

One of these items is a good pair of leggings that you can team with a long jumper and boots or throw under a dress so your legs don’t turn into icicles and snap off.

But the cold, hard truth is not all leggings are created equal. Some lose their elasticity after a couple of washes and make you look like you have a saggy butt. Some don’t rise high enough at the waist and create a weird muffin-top situation. And some don’t hug the ankle properly.

So it is with great joy that I present to you my latest cheap and cheerful fashion discovery: Kmart’s $14 jeggings.

media_cameraEveryone stop what you’re doing, I’ve discovered a cheap and cheerful buy that will boost your booty.
media_cameraFor just $14, these Kmart leggings will transform your butt into a ‘perfect peach’.

I have avoided jeggings like the plague for most of my adult life as I have an irrational hatred of any kind of fashion mash-up (case in point the skort: an abhorrent combination of skirt and short). While the concept of a jean mixed with a legging does have a certain practical appeal, I couldn’t embrace it on (ridiculous) principle.

But I didn’t realise these beauties were called a “jegging” when I tried them on, and I’ll be damned if I’m not a convert. They have a mid-rise waist that smooths out your stomach. There are two back pockets that are just the right size and placement to make your booty look like a perfect peach. They are made with a mix of cotton, polyester and elastane so they are super soft with just the right amount of stretch. They are full-length and perfectly tapered, so they look great with heels or ankle boots.

media_cameraWhile I wanted to hate the ‘jeggings’, they are an elusive unicorn wardrobe item.
media_cameraAnd just look at how good they are from behind.

These unicorn leggings come in a range of different blue denim washes and the ever-versatile black.

Often when a clothing item is this cheap you get a creeping sense of dread that it’s the product of a sweat shop or environmentally dubious practices.

But the reason these leggings came into my orbit is because Kmart has partnered with the Better Cotton Initiative, a not-for-profit organisation that endeavours to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it and better for the environment it grows in.

Kmart has set a target to source 100 per cent of their cotton more sustainably for their own-branded clothing, towel and bedding ranges by July 2020.

media_cameraNot only are they cheap, they’re also a product that’s made with the Better Cotton Initiative.

Kmart Australia and New Zealand retail director John Gualtieri said: “As a large retailer we know we have a responsibility to care for and respect our planet … we take this responsibility very seriously and have an opportunity to use our relationships and scale to really make a difference. We believe our partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative will help create a brighter future for the cotton industry and those whose lives depend on it.”

Kmart also scored a B+ last year on the Ethical Fashion Guide. Obviously that score *could* be better, but it’s certainly not dire.

Other solid finds in Kmart’s Better Cotton Initiative range include long-sleeve tops that are a flattering cut and bath towels that are super soft and come in a range of excellent colours.

These Kmart leggings (sorry, I am still having trouble with the word “jeggings”) could end up giving Amazon’s $14 tights a run for their money.

Last month, we wrote about the online retailer’s high-waisted leggings, designed by label Satina, that had won a cult following on Instagram.

It remains to be seen whether Kmart’s offering gets similar traction on social media.

Simone Mitchell is a freelance writer. Get in touch with her @simonemitchell

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