$13 Aldi deal too good to refuse


Aldi has caused a stir over the years with its highly anticipated snow gear sales, ridiculously cheap homewares and an array of other deals that have scored the retailer much praise online and beyond.

However, if it’s cheap alcohol that gets you excited, the retail giant’s latest and potentially most shocking deal will have you driving to your nearest store before you can physically stop yourself.

Aldi now sells a six pack of wine for just $12.99 — meaning each bottle costs less than $3 — $2.17 to be exact.

media_cameraBuying Director for Wines at ALDI says the range ensures ‘great value’. Source: ALDI Australia
media_cameraSix bottles for just over $2 a pop is serious bang for your buck. Source: ALDI Australia

We couldn’t make a deal like this up if we tried.

Entire cases of Shiraz Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc are included in the deal so whether it’s red or white that get’s you buzzing, you’re covered.

There are few liquor deals quite as enticing as one which means you can stock the perpetually empty wine rack without breaking the bank.

But at such a low cost, you may be wondering if the wine itself is any good, despite the bargain alone being attractive.

According to reviews on online wine marketplace, Vivino, it’s not too shabby at all.

One drinker of Aldi’s ‘Six of One’ range wrote “A cheap red wine from Aldi that works out to be $2.17 a bottle — punches above it’s weight for price”.

Another shared “Not a bad drop for the price”.

media_cameraStocking the wine rack has just become a whole lot more affordable. Source: ALDI Australia
media_cameraThe wine on offer has been described as a “Nice crisp wine.”

In a more thorough review, the beverage was described as a “Nice crisp wine. Easy to go down. Not too fruity. Smooth,” with an add on that the bargain range could be the inducer of future headaches.

Buying Director for Wines and Sparkling at Aldi, Jason Bowyer discussed the secret to the retailers’ liquor success in 2017, with a focus on “great value”.

“Aldi wines are multi-award winning for both exceptional taste and value,” he said.

“The golden rule we work on is that a $10 wine at ALDI should drink like a standard $20-25 wine”.

It’s not the first time the German supermarket has stunned shoppers with their value and quality.

Earlier this week people lost it when the store’s $6 sellout cheese returned to shelves, causing a frenzy.

Aldi also regularly cause a frenzy with its weekly ‘Special Buys’ — with items selling out in as little as 10 seconds.

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