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We’ve all seen those online fashion fails, those hilariously awful posts revealing the someone who has ordered a cute outfit but finds it resembles a bin bag in reality. While the world of online beauty might not have the same visible failures, an online beauty splurge can sometimes be just as disappointing.

But we’ve saved your Insta-trawl and haul from being a complete waste of time by testing the products beauty junkies are loving on social media this month making sure you have no buyer’s regret. In fact, one of the products is so clever, investing in it will actually save you money in the long run.


It might not look like much, but this simple product is saving Aussies hundreds of dollars. Picture: Face Halo
media_cameraIt might not look like much, but this simple product is saving Aussies hundreds of dollars. Picture: Face Halo

Available at facehalo.com.au

Price: $30

Yes they’re handy and super convenient, but if you haven’t been trying to ditch your face wipes, or at least cutting back — you should be. Disposable wipes are a huge environmental issue for Australia (and the rest of the world) costing an estimated $15 million every year in blocked drains and pipes.

I’ve been trying to find an alternative for removing my make-up for a while now — and the answer came in an Instagram post from Aussie beauty influencer Chloe Morello who was raving about a product called the Face Halo.

It’s basically a microfibre cloth pad that you wet and thanks to its clever tiny fibres, it removes make-up with just water. I’m not going to lie, I was dubious about whether the product would work — but I’m pleased to report that I’m seriously impressed. It gently removes everything from foundation to the tougher make-up products such as mascara and eyeliner.

Afterwards, you can rinse it out or chuck it in your washing machine and use it over and over again — 200 times to be precise. Best of all, it saves you a tonne of money (and helps the environment).

A spokesman for the brand told The Beauty Diary a three pack of $30 Face Halo’s replaces $450 worth of single use makeup wipes, based on the assumption the average person uses three make-up wipes a day.


Benefit's Hello Happy looking foundation is making Instagram happy as well as skin. Picture: Supplied
media_cameraBenefit’s Hello Happy looking foundation is making Instagram happy as well as skin. Picture: Supplied

Available at Sephora, Myer and benefit.com

Price: $52

This new foundation in the Hello Happy range has just dropped and it’s already taking Instagram by storm. The medium-coverage liquid foundation applies really smoothly and has a filter-like effect on skin. It’s also really hydrating because it has hyaluronic acid, a natural active ingredient that adds moisture.

Its stay is really great too. After eight hours of wear, I found the product hadn’t sunk into my smile lines, which can often happen with other foundations giving you an icky finish.

Of course, the fact its bottle is super cute with a happy smile and love heart eyes is probably playing a huge part in why it’s being snapped so much on social. But I’ve no problem with that.

The biggest drawback I found with it is the number of shades as there’s only 12 which just isn’t enough — so I’m hoping Benefit bring out some more pronto so everyone can enjoy this product. Aside from that, I’m loving it.


Fans are frothing over this cult K-beauty brand's blueberry infused cleanser. Picture: Supplied
media_cameraFans are frothing over this cult K-beauty brand’s blueberry infused cleanser. Picture: Supplied

Available at Mecca

Price: $52

Hi, my name’s Bex and I have a confession: I’m becoming a huge K-Beauty junkie. Seriously, I can’t get enough of Glow Recipe’s products, with the Watermelon Sleeping Mask recently becoming one of my fave things to do with a spare evening.

Cleansing is such an important step and one I never fail to miss — unlike toning which when I’m tired, quickly gets the boot. The Blueberry Bounce cleanser is great at removing make-up, has a lovely froth when mixed with water and leaves skin soft and ready for whatever you want to throw at it next.


Social media stars are loving this $8 drugstore concealer. Picture: Supplied
media_cameraSocial media stars are loving this $8 drugstore concealer. Picture: Supplied

Available at Priceline

Price: $8

When a beauty product is described with the words “lightweight with full coverage” it instantly gets my attention as those two things rarely go hand-in-hand. Especially when people are leaving glowing reviews and it has a budget price tag. On Instagram, one person wrote: “This stuff is absolutely amazing. The coverage on this concealer is crazy.”

It’s a bold statement which was why I had to give the stuff a squiz. And while I’m not a full coverage kinda gal, when it comes to concealer I’m here for it because it’s what I use to brighten my undereye and cover any spots or red patches I may have.

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The product goes on really smoothly, I loved the wand brush which makes application easy. Once on the places I want to use it, I usually pat into my skin with a beauty sponge. After I was super impressed with its matte finish. After a busy day at work, it hadn’t settled into my smile or frown lines. Definitely worth the $8.


There's a new kid on the Eight Hour block which is a game changer for beauty junkies. Picture: Supplied
media_cameraThere’s a new kid on the Eight Hour block which is a game changer for beauty junkies. Picture: Supplied

Available only at Mecca

Price: $50

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour range has had a cult following for years. Now there’s a new kid on the block, a multi-tasking moisturiser that — like its predecessors — is packed with 8 benefits, including pollution and sun protection.

It also has blue light and infra-red protection, which if you work in front of a computer screen is definitely something you should add into your skincare.

It’s a total game changer as it minimises morning skincare routines, with many even using it as a primer before applying their make-up too. I love that it has a solid SPF30 but goes on clear.

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