Why I Love Flirting Outrageously At Work… And I’d Hate It If Men Were Stopped From Flirting Back


EVER since I was a teenager I have flirted with everything: dogs, men, grandmothers, the lot. I’m not lying when I say that flirting is what gets me out of bed every day.

I work in sales at a travel agents in central London and it can be dry and pretty damn stressful at times; if I didn’t have my flirtatious side work would drag.

SUPPLIED Hannah Smith says flirting is what gets her out of bed in the morning

A lingering look across the desk, passing too closely in the hallway or banter in the kitchen, flirting for me is a frivolous exchange between two people who enjoy the friction.

The feeling two people get when they’re openly interested in each other is so exciting, even if it’s just for a second.

I think Netflix had the best intentions when it introduced no-flirting rules on film sets, but they’re way over the top as they stop people from having harmless interactions that help keep their spirits lifted day to day.

When it comes to the office no one is off the table. Whether it’s a sexy customer, a colleague or even a manager it doesn’t matter, I’ll flutter my eyelashes, wink, smile seductively and even give their arm a cheeky touch.

SUPPLIED When it comes to the office, no one is off the table, says Hannah

It’s not harassment if it’s mutual. You can easily pick up on the signs of whether someone is enjoying the attention, and if they’re not, of course I will ease off.

Obviously no one appreciates a slimy unwelcome comment or an imposing hand but a bit of unexpected wooing can boost someone’s self-esteem. What’s wrong with two people giving each other the eye for more than five seconds and enjoying it?

For me, ogling doesn’t just stay in the office. As well as going for drinks with customers and colleagues I have slept with two people from the company.

I wasn’t bothered about anyone finding out, I told everyone in my office as soon as I went in the next morning; they thought it was hilarious and so did I. Some people may see it as inappropriate but they were both single and I was on a rebound after breaking up with my boyfriend of four years so why not have some fun?

Netflix’s barmy new rules on film sets have raised eyebrows

The maintenance man is my all-time favourite person to flirt with at work. As soon as he comes in to the building it’s game on and the whole office know.

I enjoy turning beetroot-red when we exchange way too many compliments for a normal conversation. Whenever the sexy manual labourer is in the staff room I offer everyone a cup of tea every two minutes just so I can keep going into the kitchen.

It got so out of hand that “Hannah making teas and coffees so she can spend five minutes with the maintenance man” has now been banned.

It became such common knowledge that staff from our other office locations would send me sly photos of my handsome hunk fixing their lights throughout the day.

Hannah Smith Hannah admitted she has slept with two people from the company

Hannah Smith The maintenance man is Hannah’s all-time favourite person to flirt with at work

I also have this ongoing flirtatious banter with the bin man (no actual joke) who cleans the streets outside the office.

He keeps asking to take me out and I always respond with, “You have to get to the back of the queue, mate” and we spend ages chatting.

One of my more mischievous habits is flirting my way out of trouble at work.

“Oh, I haven’t done the admin from yesterday?” Let me just butter up the atmosphere in the room and no one’s really stressing about it anymore, the office atmosphere is more relaxed and I’ve got away with it without a disciplinary.

All in all, Netflix should chill, because flirting can go a long way for positive mental attitude we all need to survive the day.

SUPPLIED One of Hannah’s more mischievous habits is flirting her way out of trouble at work

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