Who Is Dame Edna Everage, When Did Barry Humphries Create His Alter-ego And What Are Her Signature Glasses?


DAME Edna Everage is an Australian chat show host and comedian.

And you’ll be shocked to learn she’s neither a woman nor Dame. In fact, Dame Edna is the creation of comedian Barry Humphries. But, what do we know about Barry and his world famous alter-ego? Let’s get the lowdown…

Getty – Contributor Dame Edna is a world famous Aussie housewife

Who is Dame Edna Everage?

Dame Edna Everage is a fictitious character, and her life story has been entirely created by Barry Humphries.

Edna, an ostentatious Melbourne housewife, has appeared on TV and on stages all over the world – including America, the UK and Australia.

In the UK, she’s probably best known for hosting The Dame Edna Experience, Dame Edna’s Neighbourhood Watch and The Dame Edna Treatment.

She’s also known as “Dame Edna”, “Mrs Norm Everage” and “Mrs Norma Everage”.

Dame Edna’s backstory is so complete, she even has relatives.

Her sons are Kenny Everage, Bruce Everage, Valmai Gittis and Lois Everage; her nephew is Barry McKenzie; and her husband, Norm Everage, died in 1988.

Getty – Contributor Barry Humpries created Dame Edna in 1955

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