Who Are The New Orange-eye Synths In Humans, What Do Green Eyes Mean And Can They Change Eye Colour?


HUMANS Season Two finale showed the bleak consequences of the synth awakening as every synth on the planet was activated in what was referred to as Day Zero.

The new world order has caused a division among the synths between those with orange eyes and those with green! If you’re confused, here’s all you need to know…

Still-obedient orange-eyed synths have been introduced after the events of Humans’ Day Zero


Who are the new orange-eye Synths in Humans?

After the havoc and destruction that is left by the synth awakening, series three reveals a new generation of synthetics have been developed.

The new breed of synths are still-obedient and are noticeable by their distinctive ‘orange-eyes’.

In an interview with Den of Greek, the writers explained that the show “needed to show a range of different Synthetic characters.”

Channel 4 Divisions among the synths are caused after the treatment the self-aware green synths have been forced to endure

What do green eyes mean and can they change eye colour?

The orange-eyed synths are separate from the self-aware green-eyed model that the series has introduced in series one and two.

Green-eyed synths Mia, Niska and Max are all attempting to rehabilitate the image of synthetics after Day Zero meant they were largely shunned and denied basic rights.

Synths’ eyes do change colour as they are built with blue eyes which turn the famous green when attached to their primary user.

It’s unknown whether the eyes of the unconscious manufactured post-Day Zero synths will turn green if any are awakened.

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