When Does The Farm Start On Channel 5, Who’s In The Line-up And How Does It Work?


THE Farm is returning to TV more than 10 years after it went off air.

But what exactly is the show and when is it likely to be on? Here’s what we know so far…

Channel 5 The Farm is back after more than ten years

When does The Farm start on Channel 5?

The Farm is due to return to Channel  5, on 5Star, later this year.

It first aired for two series between 2004 and 2005.

The Sun revealed it had been recommissioned and would be a new ten-part series.

Who’s in the line-up of The Farm?

No names have currently been announced for the new series.

A TV source told The Sun what they were looking for, revealing: “They’re hoping for some top names to do team and individual challenges to see who can most closely replicate the characteristics of the best farmers — patience, passion, resilience, adaptability and, most importantly, hard work.

“They’ll have to impress two of the UK’s top farmers to win the show.”

The previous series featured the likes of Vanilla Ice, Paul Daniels, Keith Harris and Orville The Duck as they tried to be crowned Top Farmer.

But it was Rebecca Loos, David Beckham’s former PA and friend, who made headlines in the stand-out scene, when she had to “collect semen” from a pig for a task.

Channel 5 The Farm featured this famous scene of Rebecca Loos and a pig

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