What Is Inside Justice, Who Is Louise Shorter And What Does The Organisation Do?


THE little-known charity has transformed lives by challenging convictions that have landed innocent people behind bars.

But what is Inside Justice, how does it work, and who is its founder Louise Shorter? Here’s what we know.

BBC Inside Justice’s investigation into Glyn Razzell’s conviction is explored in Conviction: Murder in Suburbia. Founder and CEO Louise Shorter is second from right

What is Inside Justice?

Inside Justice is a not-for-profit investigative unit that explores alleged miscarriages of justice.

The organisation employs the skills of forensic experts, criminal lawyers and former police detectives to investigate select cases.

The have been asked to investigate 1,124 cases since they were founded in 2010, and have successfully overturned a number of wrongful convictions.

These include the Bridgewater 4 case (Patrick Malloy, Jim Robinson, Michael Hickey and Vincent Hickey), Danny McNamee, Reg Dudley, Sam Hallam, Suzanne Holdsworth, Keith Hyatt, Bob Maynard, Victor Nealon and Barri White.

The organisation only considers cases where the person in prison strongly states they are innocent of being involved to any extent.

That said, the stated aim of Inside Justice is not to decide whether a person is innocent or guilty, but to test evidence used at trial or to uncover to new evidence which could prove the person’s innocence.

One of the charity’s most recent investigations is revealed in the BBC documentary Conviction: Murder in Suburbia, airing on June 19-20.

The two-part series explores whether Glynn Razzell is really innocent of his wife’s murder as he claims.

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