Two Disabled Men Who Lost £178 Per Month From Moving To Universal Credit Lose High Court Challenge


TWO disabled men who claimed they were losing hundreds of pounds per month since they’ve moved onto Universal Credit have lost a High Court challenge today.

The High Court was told the “significant” drop in monthly income was having “seriously detrimental impacts on their health and well-being”.

Alamy Universal Credit is being rolled out and replace benefits like job seekers allowance and child tax credits with one single payment

But the two men – one of whom is terminally ill and struggling to pay to get to his chemotherapy – lost their case this morning.

The two men whose cases are at the centre of the judicial review action against the Work and Pensions Secretary are referred to as TP and AR.

They had lost around £178 per month after having to move to the Universal Credit system – which replaced a range of means-tested welfare benefits with one single benefit.

Their lawyer Zoe Leventhal, told Mr Justice Lewis they “are no longer able to meet many of their basic needs”.

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