Transgender Woman Who Spent £50k On Plastic Surgery Is Glad She Kept Her Penis After ‘finally Realising’ She’s Attracted To Women – After Dating 100 Men


JOLENE Dawson is a transgender woman who has spent thousands transforming her body and enjoyed a wild dating past on apps such as Tinder.

At just 21, she has splashed more than £50k on four nose jobs, a boob job, jaw slimming and forehead fillers.

Instagram Jolene is from Australia’s Gold Coast

But the transgender woman has confessed she’s glad she kept her penis, as she has now realised she fancies women.

The revelation came after she dated 100 different men, meeting them on app Tinder, and claims to have matched with more than 1,000 guys.

Jolene, from Australia’s Gold Coast, told The Daily Mail: “I’m glad I’ve kept my penis now, that really helps.

“It all started four weeks ago when I started dating a couple and found myself enjoying the sex with the other woman more.

Instagram The 21-year-old has dated more than 100 men

“I realised I didn’t want to be a man, why would I want to be with one?

“I’ve had some really amazing dates with a lot of older, wealthy men and I’m excited to start dating women now.”

She’s changed her Tinder settings to ‘looking for women’, but says she is always upfront with anyone she starts dating.

Instagram The trans-woman kept her penis

Coming out to her parents for the third time – first as a gay man, then as transgender, now as a lesbian – Jolene says she “can’t wait” to find a woman.

The Aussie said: “’I think the dynamic with women is very different.”

As well as spoiling her girlfriend-to-be, Jolene is planning more cosmetic procedures.

Aiming to look like a Bratz doll, she plans to have her belly button sewn up and her Adam’s apple removed.

Instagram She has ‘come out’ to her parents three times

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