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Top Ten of the Weirdest Interior Designs

From hotels to high-profile companies, the idea of a conventional interior design is becoming stale. For some, an ordinarily decorated design doesn’t just seem to be enough. This is quite understandable given that there is a variety in taste and preference. Therefore, anyone should be able to do according to their preference as they surely please.

This explains the grotesque appearance of some interior designs. New ideas about interior design quickly give way to archaic concepts and ideas. The fundamental thought behind new designs resides in the fact that the requirement of interior design is a reality where users should transcend into a space or atmosphere that floats free within a minimalistic environment.

Even with casino websites, the idea of weird designs is as obvious as it is with house designs. In the UK for example, there are a number of casino sites with unique designs. Typical UK online casinos are with a responsive and scroll-exciting visual feature, the websites relate to a physical room with a similar visual feature. Similarly, playing casinos offers bountiful opportunities to make many bucks and win big prizes. Albeit, let’s dive deep into our list of the top 10 weirdest interior designs.

Ten Weirdest Interior Designs

Wondering what the weirdest interior designs of structures look like? Find out on our list of the top 10 weirdest interior designs below.

Vanderbilt Home

Having passed away at the ripe age of 95, Gloria Vanderbilt’s home hints at what a weird, unconventional interior design looks like. The extravagantly designed home she erected in Manhattan is a jaw-dropping and awe-tickling edifice that poses a particularly keen internal interest. Through Instagram, the public grew to know about the eclecticism in her designs. Vanderbilt is a fan of minimalism and creativity, evidenced in her use of paintings and elevated artistic pieces dotted on the surface of her apartment walls. She frequently respects space, refreshing it and her environment to accommodate her penchant for artistry.

Visiona 2

Designed by veteran mid-century designer Verner Panton, Visiona2 is truly a psychedelic dreamscape. The design is set inside a ship with rooms designed with “prismatic hues” and soft textures. With stairs patterned with a crimson spiral, visitors are greeted by mirrored spaces with a cavernous room draped in scarlet red, ultramarine blue, and golden orange fabric. The rooms offer dynamism in light sensory. But, of course, this certainly appears maximalist, showing the preferences of the virtuous designer who has a vast collection of works under his sleeves.

Verner Panton has an eye for colourful backgrounds. Once, he researched alongside psychologists on ways colors dictate the mood and sensations of a room. As if Panton predicted a dispensation of social media, his designs match the fantasies of modern imaginations.

Le Palais Bulles

Alternatively known as the bubble palace, Le Palais Bulles is an intricately designed tower located in the Theoule-Sur-Mer, some meters near Cannes in France. Built from 1975 to 1989, the edifice was designed by Anti Lovag, a Hungarian Architect.

The cave-looking mansion houses 28 round rooms with windows designed like lunar points. Using the term “habitology,” Anti Lovag demonstrated the application of a cave-inspired structure to fine-tune a modern edifice. In the interiors, the exposure to nature induces human feel and dimension into the building. The approach to design here is nothing short of overt sensationalism. The surreal interiors attest to a technical pedantry, seen in the use of spheres and not lines. This masterpiece is a testament to a work of art done without a rigid recourse to technical rules. Instead, there’s a whole lot of freedom and flexibility.

Nautilus House, Mexico

In a quest to reside in an atmosphere closer to nature, a young family abandoned their previous home to embrace this reality. This quest resulted in Nautilus, an edifice designed by the celebrated Mexican designer Javier Senosian. Javier truly gave a house that reminisces with nature with a design similar to a psychedelic mollusc shell.

That is, instead of the traditional four-edged apartments, this house is set under a shell. If the exterior of this house is strange, the interior is more bizarre. The window line is replete with hundreds of rainbow-coloured glasses and lush grass surrounding flower-shaped couches.

Snow White’s House

At Snow White’s house, you will question reality. Here, fantasy clashes with reality. Those imaginations triggered through reading a lot of medieval works come to the fore physically in a house that looks exactly like a fairy tale. The home is called a ‘Shrek Island.’ The interior employs a minimalist yet eye-catching landscape, making it look quite weird.

The feeling inside throws one back into the ancient period with roofs that represent that of a cave. The door is to be wooden-like in structure. Built to accommodate trees, this edifice’s ultimate idea is to give a feeling of being in old age, something like a new self in an old skin or body.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Home

A designer himself, Jean-Paul Gaultier, perfectly demonstrated his dauntless and brave design fashion in the making of his apartments. What is particularly astonishing in his home interior is the consistency in his furniture designs. With the expertise of the French furniture maker Roche Bobois, the interior created a heavenly outlook with an agreement in colour patterns in furniture and the entirety of the interior.

Red Bull New Amsterdam

This masterpiece of architectural design was the creative artistry of Sid Lee. This building which also doubles as the headquarter of Red bull showcases both exterior and interior design tapestry. The essential idea behind this interior masterpiece is to create a mystical feeling in an office space. The design synchronizes perfectly with the core philosophy of Red Bull.

The design breaks through two complementary sides: good and bad, reason and intuition, and light and dark. The structures are made up of steel metal and coated with black oxides in a fashion that forms like a shipwreck, reminiscing the building as a former shipbuilding factory. Office spaces unfold like a cave-like room to match congruently with the landscape.

Mirrored Beach Hut

Completed in 2007, this edifice was devised by Architects as a charcoal cube, featuring two ornate picture frames and a hold floor-to-ceiling mirrored panels that reflect views from the beach. Oddly, this hut contains unique two-way mirrors, giving users in the interior to have a clear view of the beach from the inside.

Meanwhile, passersby will only see a reflective mirror and not people behind the mirrors. Besides the voyeuristic interior view of the beach, visitors can also enjoy staring at the full height graphic of a forest clearing on the sidewalls of the hut.

The House of Sarcasm

This is a masterpiece created by two design freaks and the couple, Christine and Charles Claringbold. Having worked several years as an artist with a great deal of experience in painting and psychedelic murals, Christine devised an edifice that mirrored her wild design fantasies. Inside the house of sarcasm, the kaleidoscope of colours is undoubtedly intriguing and mind-boggling.

Each room is uniquely rich in its colour schemes and explosive mandalas that jut out from the ceiling and the entirety of the house. Christine’s Vinyl record and psychedelic collection embellish the design of the interiors and don’t wait till you turn on the backlights. Then, boom, you are awakened to a beam of incandescence.

Casa Neverlandia

The Casa Neverlandia, set in the Bouldin Creek neighbourhood, offers a sight that evokes a jaw-dropping surprise. Designed by Artist James Talbot, this whimsical mansion was created to look out into the nitty-gritty of nature. The interior beams feature a comely feeling of home. Inside, the home is colourful, fitted with a playscape flanked with solar panels, fire poles, nooks, crannies, and even a concert stage etched in the crevices of the building.

Summary of The Top Weirdest Interior Designs

While we have explored the top 10 weird interior designs in the previous section of this article, the table below summarizes the top 5 whose details shouldn’t be overlooked. Check them out!

Weird Interior Designs How They Look Like
Vanderbilt Home The Vanderbilt Home is located in Manhattan. It showcases a weird setting despite exploring creativity and minimalism. Her interior walls are laced with elevated artistic pieces dotted across.
Visiona 2 Visiona 2 interior design incites hallucinations, thanks to the use of soft textures and colourful hues alongside multiple mirrored spaces and various scarlet red, golden orange, and ultramarine blue fabrics scattered around the room.
Le Palais Bulles This building explores cave architecture by creating a similar yet modern lookalike.
Nautilus House, Mexico Set under a shell, the interior and exterior of the Nautilus House in Mexico look extremely weird and startling.

Some of its features include several rainbow-coloured glasses used for the window, lush grass surrounding the couches, etc.

Snow White’s House


Snow White’s house also models the structure of a cave. This building was constructed to accommodate trees, essentially giving the feeling of old age.


Besides different unusual houses and buildings, there are lots of things all over the world, that can surprise our imagination. As it has already been mentioned above, there are different casinos that have interesting website designs. Moreover, it is possible to find strange games there. If you are a fan of unusual and unique games, most of them you can find in 888 casino UK. This platform offers a huge variety of games, and each of them has its own unique features.


From what we’ve seen, there are many interesting interior designs with an odd and weird outlook, but the point is that they aren’t just designed for their sake. Rather, it is a case of artistic freedom at play, with designers having the leeway to explore the figment of their imagination in a boundless fashion. Unsurprisingly, some of these designs have turned out to be an object of keen attraction and unbelievable art pieces.

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