Think You’re Having A Bad Day? Hilarious Gallery Reveals Very Unlucky Situations Some People Find Themselves In


FOR those thinking they are having a rough week, this collection of images is likely to cheer them up.

The hilarious online gallery shows the exact moment disaster struck to ruin someone’s day.

Snow way! A man returned to his car to discover that it was completely buried in snow

One photograph shows one man return to his car to find it is completely covered in snow.

Another picture shows the moment five Jenga blocks fell into someone’s bowl of ramen.

Meanwhile, one hungry pizza lover was fuming after the toppings were only on one half of their meal.

All of the images were compiled by lifestyle site Diply after they were uploaded to Reddit.

Wheel of misfortune: A driver found their car was clamped – and missing its rear tyre

Taking the pizz: The toppings on this pizza were only on one half

“It’s not a problem”: A fire broke out behind a lorry which had an ironic slogan written across it

Noooooo-odles! Pieces of Jenga fell into one person’s bowl of ramen

Bum deal: A dog looked gloomy after it got stuck in its bowl of food

Not so n-ice: One customer was disappointed after their orange sorbet bar did not look like the picture on the box

Ballsed up: A game of basketball had to be stopped after the ball got stuck in the net

Huddle up: A group of students had to squeeze underneath an umbrella during a storm

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