The One Simple Thing Every Woman Can Do To Boost Their Sex Life


BOOST your sex life in one simple step? Yes please!

Having regular sex is good for your mental and physical health…so why not making it mind blowing?

Getty – Contributor Your hormones play an important role in how good your sex life is

You probably already know how talking to your partner about what you want can spice things up between the sheets, and regularly doing pelvic floor exercises can result in toe-curling orgasms.

But did you know that your menstrual cycle can also play a role in how incredible your sex is.

Hormone expert Alisa Vitti explained that your hormone fluctuations over the course of your menstrual cycle can change what you want in the bedroom…so knowing where you are at in your cycle can help you set the mood for mind-blowing sex.

“At various points in your cycle, your hormonal levels will signal your body and mind to crave very different kinds of affection and sexual pleasure,” Alisa wrote for Mind Body Green.

Getty – Contributor Your hormone levels change during your menstrual cycle, which can affect your libido

“When you pay attention to where you are in your cycle, you might notice that your feelings about your partner, your energy levels, and your interest in sex changes depending on which phase you are in at that time.

“This is completely natural, and it actually makes perfect sense when you understand what’s happening with your endocrine system.”

When your oestrogen and testosterone (yes, women have a small amount) are at their highest it revs up your sex drive and you’ll want it hot and heavy.

But in the second part of your cycle, when you’re approaching your period, your sex drive drops.

Getty – Contributor When your hormones are lower you may not have as much interest in sex, so will need more foreplay

How to track your period to boost your love life

No matter what time of the month it is, never forget foreplay, Alisa said.

That’s because it warms you up for the main event and guarantees you’ll get the most out of your feel good, love-making hormones.

1. Your follicular phase – after your period

Your oestrogen levels are low, so you might not be interested in sex.

“Try something new to get you in the mood as oestrogen levels are low but rising, so leverage novelty to bring your head into the game and spark your desire,” Alisa said.

Getty – Contributor When you are ovulating your hormone levels peak so you will want it hot and heavy

2. When you’re ovulating

As mentioned above, your oestrogen levels are peaking so you will up for anything.

“You have increased desire due to a spike in both oestrogen and testosterone, so you will be naturally in the mood and enjoy it more easily,” Alisa said.

“You’ll be in a wet phase and are less likely to need a lubricant.”

3. Your luteal phase – before your period

Your hormones are preparing for your period, so your sex drive will decrease.

“As progesterone increases, your sex drive will decrease, so increasing foreplay and taking more time for clitoral stimulation is essential to maximise your pleasure,” Alisa said.

“This is also a wet phase, so you may find you need less lube once you get warmed up, but you may want to use it at the beginning to get things flowing.”

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