The Humble Utility Vest Is This Summer’s New Festival Fashion Must-have… And Here’s How To Style It


CAN’T face resorting to a bumbag, but don’t fancy carrying a handbag around with you all day at a festival?

We have a pretty controversial – but yet somehow quite stylish – alternative for you.

Utlity vest The utility vest is tipped to be a festival favourite this year Utility Body Vest, £69 from & Other Stories – buy now

Introducing the “chic” Utility Body Vest.

Yes, you might feel a bit SWAT team (minus the weapons) in this, but the “versatile utility-style body pack” from & Other Stories is the ideal accessory for those who wish to roam hands-free.

The khaki and orange, one size fits all vest was designed in Stockholm, Sweden, and is made from leather and canvas.

It features eight functional compartment pockets, perfect for storing your cash, phone and lippy, and an adjustable D-ring strap for added security.

Utlity vest The khaki and orange vest was designed in Stockholm and is made from leather and canvas

Admittedly, at £69 it’s not as cheap as a bumbag, but hey, it’s certainly a way to stand out from the crowd.

We recommend styling it with a plain white T-shirt and blue denim jeans or shorts.

Complete the look with some chunky boots like these ones from H&M.

H&M Go full on army girl chic with these cream boots from H&M – probably not the best option for a muddy field, mind Chunky-soled boots, £39.99 from H&M – buy now

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